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Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10

Windows 10 is a version of Windows operating system produced by Microsoft as a successor to Windows 8.1 that was released for retail sale on July 29, 2015. It received highly positive reviews upon its release; critics praised Microsoft’s decision to provide a desktop-oriented interface in line with previous versions of Windows, contrasting the tablet-oriented approach of 8.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks :

  • Resize the Start Menu : Just drag from the corner
  • Remove Live Tiles from the Start Menu
  • Move Tiles in the Start Menu : click, hold, and drag it.
  • Resize the Start Menu : To resize a Tile, right-click on it, choose a size from the “Resize” option.
  • Reboot & Shut Down Options in the Start Menu : click on the “Power” entry in the Start menu
  • Access All Your Apps in the Start Menu : click the “All apps” option to in Start Menu
  • Pin Items to the Start Menu : right-click on apps, then choose “Pin to Start” option to have placed as a Tile
  • Search from the Start Menu : open the Start menu, simply type the name of the app, file, or folder you’re looking for
  • Customize the Start Menu Even More : Click Settings, go to Personalization, select the Colors option to change the background color of your Start menu
  • Access the Quick Actions Menu : click the Action Center icon in your notification area, click any icon to quickly adjust any of its settings
  • Enable Cortana & Voice Search : click the search box right next to the Start button in your taskbar, click Cortana icon in the bottom-left corner of the popup, Accept the agreement and Cortana will be ready to go
  • Create Multiple Desktops : click the task view button next to the search bar, which will bring up a button in the bottom-right corner of your screen labeled “+ New desktop.” click this button to create a second desktop
  • Maximize Any Window : click and hold the title bar, drag it all the way to the top edge of your screen, let go of your mouse, the window will be maximized
  • Microsoft’s New Edge Browser
  • Use Cortana Inside of Edge
  • Change the Default Search Engine in Edge
  • Annotate, Highlight, & Insert Notes in Edge : click on the Edit icon at the top right, a purple bar will appear with tools to draw, highlight, erase, make notes, take screenshots, and share
  • Use Reader Mode in Edge
  • Share Links Easier in Edge
  • Pin Websites to Start Menu from Edge : click on “Pin to Start” in Edge’s three-dot menu.
  • Enable Dark Mode in Edge
  • Enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Edge : click on the three-dot menu and go to Settings, go to View advanced settings, scroll down and turn on “Send Do Not Track requests.”
  • Keyboard Navigation in Edge : click on the three-dot menu, go to Settings. view advanced settings, enabling “Always use caret browsing,”, turn it on by hitting F7.
  • Easy Tab Management in Edge
  • New File Explorer
  • New Ribbon Menu in File Explorer
  • New Search Feature in File Explorer
  • Pin Folders in File Explorer
  • Libraries Menu in File Explorer
  • Get Back Precious Hard Drive Space
  • Change the Login Screen Background
  • Disable the Lock Screen
  • Enable Dark Mode System Wide
  • Use the Hidden Screen Recorder App
  • Sync Files to OneDrive
  • Create & Restore a Full Windows 10 Backup

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