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Windows 10 Best Tips and Tricks

Windows 10

Are you a Windows 10 user? If you answered yes, you need to make sure you take advantage of these handy tips and tricks!

Have you heard of the secret start menu that Windows 10 provides? If you’re not a fan of the new tile-designed user interface of the start menu, you can still access an old-school-styled start menu. This will not only give you a little bit of nostalgia but in a sense can also be quicker to access applications. To access this secret start menu you simply have to right-click on the windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. Give it a try!

A very handy tip to save time is the hidden ‘Show Desktop’ button. Have you ever had multiple applications and browsers open and had a hard time minimizing them all one by one to get back to your beloved desktop? Have a look all the way at the bottom right of your screen next to the date and time, give the hidden button a click. Did your applications and browsers get minimized and did you get directed to your desktop? Simply click the ‘Show Desktop’ button again and everything will maximize back to what you had it. What a way to save time!

We all just love minimizing shortcuts, don’t we? Here’s another! Have you heard of the aero shake feature that Windows 10 offers? If you have multiple applications or browsers open, To do an aero shake, left-click and hold onto the window bar of a program that you have opened that you want to prioritize over the others. While you’re still holding down onto the program, move it left and right rapidly and you’ll notice the other opened programs will get minimized and the program that you shook was prioritized. If you want to bring the others back, simply shake again!

Do you spend long hours on your computer for work? If yes, you should take full use of Windows 10’s dark mode feature. Dark mode will turn your bright screen a little darker and also adjust to lighting conditions, which will help reduce eye strain.

Now this one is of my favourites, which I still use to this day! Windows 10 tablets have a ‘Slide to shut down’ feature, where you simply just slide down your screen on your tablet to shut it down. What users don’t know is you can also enable a desktop shortcut to access this feature on your PC! To enable this, Right-click on your desktop and click new, and then shortcut. A window will pop up, in the text area type in ‘SlideToShutDown’. Rename the file and click finish for the file to appear on your desktop. From here, Right-click on the newly added file and click on the properties tab. Type in a shortcut key that you want to be used as a ‘Slide to shut down’ button, then click apply. Now, let’s test it out! You have a choice of either double-clicking the file or using your shortcut key which will make the process even faster. After double-clicking or using your shortcut key you’ll notice a pull-down menu appears, simply pull it down using your mouse and your computer will perform a shutdown!

Finally, a feature that most users are aware of but some may not be! Did you know about the Dictation feature? Do you regularly send emails or messages and get sick of typing? Dictation uses the built-in microphone for speech recognition. To try this out, click on where you want to type your message and press down on the Windows button and the H button at the same time. Say what you want to say in your email and watch it appear in the text box. Now in saying this, the text will not always be 100% accurate with its punctuation and words, however, it is very easy to manually fix the mistakes. Still, a very handy tool and highly recommended!

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