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Why I Chose Logitrain for CCNA Training

Logitrain CCNA Training
  1. Physical Locations

Logitrain is spread over 3 main cities: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Besides, it also provides online training courses for students located in Canberra or Perth city. Logitrain facilities are convenient for IT students all over Australia.


  1. Expert Coaching

Logitrain has invited high-quality trainer to teach the class. These trainers have a strong IT background and they are experienced to teach students in a professional way. They know the IT industry well and they are willing to share with the students about their success stories.


  1. Practice exam

Logitrain provides students with mock tests which are kind of practice exams. The mock test simulates the real certification exam. Students are able to access the real questions and answers during the practice exam. These exams help students to know the official exam environment more and how they can prepare for it.


  1. Scenario-based learning

The trainer is experienced with scenario-based teaching. In CCNA, many concepts affect with each other. For example, understand classful IPv4 addresses enables you to study subnetting well. Logitrain trainer is able to provide examples in teaching. This enables students to learn the concepts in CCNA fast.


  1. Flexibility

As some students are working during the weekdays. Logitrain provides both weekday and weekend classes that can suit these students. They can work during the weekday and come to attend the class during the weekend.


  1. Competitive pricing

Logitrain delivers a high-quality CCNA training when their price is not high. For example, the CCNA Routing & Switching course provides students with face-to-face training, course materials, mock tests, and official exam. This is an important feature that Logitrain can attract more students to attend their CCNA classes.


  1. Understand of industry needs

Logitrain understands the requirements of the IT industry. They are familiar with the job market trend in the IT industry.




  1. Understand migrant needs

AS some students come from overseas and they need to find a decent job in Australia. Logitrain understands this and provides a helpful hand. The CCNA training course is helpful for the migrants to learn and prepare for the Australian job market.


  1. Infrastructure

Logitrain owns the required number of training tools such as IT assets and practice material. A practice material could be a soft copy of new practice questions for the official exam. The adequacy of learning resources from Logitrain enables students to study conveniently.


  1. Roadmap

There are different courses from Cisco Systems for students to choose according to the personal requirement. The training courses range from associate level to expert level. Each student can choose from the Cisco training courses that suits them.

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