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Why I Choosed Logitrain for ITIL Training

ITIL Training

Logitrain has been providing high-quality, low-cost training, career counselling and resume writing services since last 15 years and more . Logitrain have a partnership and are accredited to work with hundreds of businesses in Australia. Logitrain delivers extraordinary training and recruitment services to individuals like me using highly qualified instructors and recruitment experts. Logitrain’s multi-vendor certified instructors have years of experience in delivering high-quality training by imparting the skills and knowledge required to help achieve our goals. They have training centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane which are equipped with the state of the art equipment to provide us the technical skills to succeed in our certification and job hunting. Moreover, they provides on-demand and live online training to participants in Canberra and Perth.

Logitrain offers various of IT training courses to its students ranging from Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, Agile, CompTIA, Juniper, Virtualization, project management, cybersecurity, Citrix, website development to Business Analysis. They run Job guarantee programs : Guarantee1, Guarantee2 and Guarantee 3. In Job Programs 1 and 2, the Logitrain team works with the candidates to offer skill sets, career guidance and career advice. Whereas, with 3, Logitrains highly skilled recruitment team works hand-in-hand with students until they get them a job.

Why did I choose Logitrain for ITIL training?

I believe, the ITIL certification helps individuals like me in competing with other professionals in the Australian job market. There is a need to have a standard framework for organisations to manage their existing process and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one standard practice model that help organisation manage and align their IT process to best in class practice model. I choosed to do my ITIL training and Certification from the Logitrain for following multiple reasons:

– Online search on Logitrain made my decision more firm to begin my training in Logitrain

– Logitrain have Australia wide presence, importantly, in Sydney and Melbourne where most IT companies are located

– Logitrain provide competitive pricing for its training and certification program

– Logitrain provides flexibility in training time. It is available over weekdays and weekends to ensure one can study while still in job

– ITIL was included in my Guarantee 2 program as the first and foremost certifcation to pass for me

– Preparation for ITIL exam without expert help can be tricky. Logitrain staff have immense industry experience and they provide expert coaching

­- They provide quality training with seasoned professional to help one stay ahead of competitions

– Logitrain’s classroom training emphasizes on scenario based learning to ensure one can easily align the ITIL practice to the organisational need

– Logitrain provide enough IT asset and practice material for self-study

– Availability of Mock Test in ITIL

– They continuously update there curriculum and classroom teaching techniques to modern practice

– Logitrain help individual enhance their skills and competencies to help them get a suitable job.

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