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Why Do CompTIA Server+ Certification?

Why Do CompTIA Server+ Certification?

With the advent of digital industrialisation, companies need to find new ways to deliver services to their customers. To do this, they require digital infrastructure to support their activities. This requires a large amount of IT infrastructure and technologies; these are consolidated into large data centres and server farms. To maintain these server farms and data centres, professionals certified in server installation, configuration, maintenance and administration are required.

To prove that an individual is capable of working in data centre environments, a certification is required to show employers that they are indeed proficient in installing, configuring, maintaining and administering servers. A CompTIA Server+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification that gives individuals the knowledge to work with data centres and also to ensure that they are able to put that knowledge to good use. A CompTIA Server+ Certification covers software and hardware aspects of keeping a data centre operational and various other technologies that servers would need to have such as security, virtualisation and storage.

CompTIA Server+ Certification test the skill areas integral in ensuring a server farm or data centre stays operational at an optimal level. This can include the candidate’s ability to:

  • Implement and upgrade system hardware
  • Install, configure and update system software
  • Implement backups and disaster recovery procedures
  • Determining suitable physical spaces for housing and setting up servers
  • Apply physical and network data security techniques to ensure the security of servers
  • Troubleshooting problems and solving them with the right tools and methods
  • Write server maintenance procedures, diagrams and documentation
  • Understand server concepts and features

These skills are only some of the many skills CompTIA Server+ candidates must know to pass the exam and transfer their skills into excelling in the workplace. A certification of this calibre is beneficial to the candidate as it shows future and current employers that the candidate is highly adept and willing to improve themselves in a professional manner. Certification also shows employers that the candidate has the inherent personality qualities that allow them to persevere in order to achieve a goal.

A CompTIA Server+ Certification is a highly valuable certification for an individual to have that creates value for the candidate through the learning of soft and hard skills and creates value for a current or potential employer through having an employee who is highly knowledgeable and highly capable in installing, configuring, maintaining and administering a server environment.

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