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Mar 15

Why do CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA (Computer Technology Industry Association) A+ is an entry-level computer certification for PC computer service technicians. The exam is designed to test whether an employee is competent in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers. CompTIA A+ has a set of standard rules in dealing with business ethics and professionalism, and is involved with many issues including product returns, warranty claims, and price protection.

CompTIA A+ certification is a globally recognized certification and therefore people who have done CompTIA A+ can get a job as computer technicians. CompTIA A+ is an essential certificate to have for people who are looking for entry level or helpdesk IT jobs.

CompTIA A+ certification must be renewed every 3 years, this ensures people are always updated with the current technology. In doing so, current or future employees in a company are not left behind and are always aware of new technological advancement.

When an individual passes CompTIA A+ certification it shows he has a strong fundamental understanding of IT compared to somebody who starts with a more advanced certification. Starting with a more advanced certification might delay an individual’s progress as they might be lacking the fundamentals. It would be like skipping to learn how to walk and starting to run straight away. Some companies even make CompTIA A+ compulsory as seen on some job ads.

Possessing a CompTIA A+ certification will give an individual more credibility when applying for jobs compared to somebody who does not have any certification. Even if somebody does not have any work experience, the CompTIA A+ certification shows that the individual is up to date with new technologies and know about troubleshooting computer issues that may arise. CompTIA A+ is recognised by companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and HP which further proves its importance. Many high-ranking individuals within a company have started their career with a CompTIA A+ certificate.

A key importance of having CompTIA A+ certification is that it is not bound to a specific vendor such as Cisco, Microsoft or VMware. Some surveys show that people who possess IT certifications earn more than people who have not completed any certifications.

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