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Why Become the Microsoft Partner?

Why Become a Microsoft Partner?

Microsoft is a multinational global technology company developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer software and its related services. Microsoft by itself provides high-quality support for its customers however, there are also firms that can provide support of equivalent quality as Microsoft and Microsoft designated these firms as Microsoft Certified Partners (MCPs). MCPs are confirmed by Microsoft to be official and able to provide products and services on behalf of Microsoft, with firms needing to pass many tests and prove their ability to provide support to Microsoft customers before being accredited as MCPs.

Being an MCP qualifies a firm to provide products and services on behalf of Microsoft as well as give them access to support from Microsoft themselves, in order to enhance themselves and their capabilities when providing support to Microsoft customers. MCPs are split up into their primary customer bases, commercial, consumers/gamers and education.

Microsoft Education Partners focus on providing education to customers. Partners can get certified via training and are then able to purchase and resell Microsoft academic offers and products to users. Partners will have access to exclusive resources such as training materials and event access that allow them to provide education solutions to customers and trainees. There are also options for partners to innovate and create their own education solution that Microsoft can help develop, publish and market.

A Consumer/Gamer Partner is a partner that Microsoft assists and provides support to create intellectual property that targets business opportunities that the partner believes to be worthy of pursuing. A partner could develop applications to corner a market or provide a service that is needed by consumers, Microsoft provides information and knowledge needed for developers to bring a project to fruition. Once the product or service has been created, Microsoft will facilitate marketing of the product of the service through marketing campaigns, providing global contacts and giving access to strategic resources. Microsoft can also stay with the new business and support growth, giving partners resources and guidance to fuel expansions and long-term business plans.

A Commercial Partner specialises in reaching commercial customer, Microsoft provides a platform with which developers and entrepreneurs can build their products, with Microsoft offering resources, advice and guidance so that developers can take steps to bring their ideas to life. Microsoft can help to optimise progress, offer personalised help and provide tried and tested tools to streamline the progression of product building. After the product is ready. Microsoft Partners are also able to acquire assistance in marketing and selling their products, with access to a global network of communities and commercial companies. Microsoft also provides support to the Partner throughout the whole life cycle of their product.

Through Microsoft Partnerships, many new and growing firms can enhance their performance and capabilities by being a Microsoft Partner because Microsoft can provide them with the resources, tools and the global network needed for them to get on their feet and begin producing solutions that are marketable and create an interest in their product or service. Partners are able to build a strong and successful business by being in the loop with Microsoft and other Microsoft Partners to build, grow and sustain their business in the present and the future.

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