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Why Are The Certifications Important?

Why Are The Certifications Important?

Certifications are important because they show an individuals capabilities and their professional achievements. A certification lets a potential employer know that you are a viable candidate and gives you an edge compared to other candidates. Certification can be earned through companies that provide training and certification courses such as Cisco, Microsoft and Axelos.

A certified candidate proves to employers that they are capable of learning and improving themselves to train and develop their skills. In these modern times where technology and the work environment is fast-paced and quickly changing, a certification can prove that the individual is up-to-date on the latest technology or protocols. Certification shows that the individual is adaptable and flexible enough to change with the workplace.

Certifications can help get a person employed or promoted. A certification demonstrates that the individual is willing to invest in themselves and therefore invest in their future, encouraging an employer or future employer to invest in them too. Getting an employer to invest in the individual would then be a stepping stone to a potential promotion or wage bump, gaining them a higher salary.

A certification also gives the individual more credibility in the workplace. Because of the added knowledge and expertise the certification provides, the certificate holder will have more power in the workplace and add more weight to their professional opinions. This could help them bring more value to the workplace by being there. A certification lets the individual gain practical skills that transfer into their real-world job and let them integrate their newfound knowledge into their work setting.

Gaining a certificate connects the candidate to a new community of fellow peers who have the same goal and have the same job roles. This lets them share what they know and expand each other’s knowledge pool. It is also a networking opportunity for entry-levelled professionals who are seeking mentors and employers. Joining a community such as this would create potential opportunities and benefits throughout the career of the individual as some industries are tight-knit communities where every practitioner would know each other.

In conclusion, certification is an important part of a professional career as it gives an individual the skills and tools to progress their career and improve themselves. And with their new abilities, they can bring more value to their employers and therefore increase their income and position. Furthermore, it gives them access to communities and network with their peers, who could support them well into retirement.

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