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Aug 26

Why are Certifications Important

IT training and certification is crucial for professional development of technology professionals. It helps them stay on top of the latest technology trends while keeping the organizations up-and-running at all times. Certifications allow organizations to ensure all their team members are up to speed, and at least have the basics of knowledge required. Information technology is dynamic that what one may have learnt from a senior developer 3 years ago is now out of date. Certifications allow  tensure that our staff at least have a thorough basic knowledge of the field they are in, instead of years of experience in one small area.

Certification programs contain statements regarding minimum standard for the information, concepts, skills, and technologies that credential holders must know and master. Certifications boost one’s personal image or company’s overall image on marketing material or even for winning contracts/projects. Career build-up goes hand in hand with technical certification. Lower level certifications doesn’t necessarily exemplify content mastery, but do show that a newcomer is willing to be trained; that the candidate have the will power to learn the content well enough for a passing score. It is a proof that they are more likely able to take direction and training to higher up their skills to real world applicable context. Candidates are however, required to be re certified every two to three years in the certifications they carry to keep the knowledge and skills up to date.

Advantages that organizations get from the certified staff are :

  1. proven knowledge in their area.
  2. up to date knowledge
  3. new and best solution for a problem
  4. efficient and profitable staff
  5. speedier recovery
  6. reduced expenses
  7. improved productivity

Advantages that staff get after being certified:

  1. The certified candidate outsmarts those who are not certified. Companies pay more to certified staffs than those who are not certified. They even get promoted faster since they contribute better, faster and higher quality solutions to the organization, thus increasing their profit.
  2. Certifications add value to the candidates resume. A certification can be a qualifier for a position which put them first than their competitors.
  3. Certification gives boost to the candidate’s confidence. Passing certification is not easy thus when they gain it confidence spills over into all aspects of their life.
  4. Certification establishes their image as a continuous learner. Companies always look for people who are good learners and never want to stop learning. Learning is a value into itself and learners always get admired by people around them. It creates a healthy competition among them which leads them to even more learning.

One’s  argument that he already has a degree after completing some 3 or 4 years professional course does not prove that have maintained that level of proficiency. Only certifications will attest to that. Thus, upgrading self with technology and having certification demonstrates their competence.

List of top IT Certification

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