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What Recruiters Look for In A Candidate?

What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate

In today’s competitive environment this is quite hard to secure a position in your required industry as with the increased competition the expectations of the recruiters from the candidates also increased. This article will provide you four necessary qualities which can improve the personality of the candidates and helps to leave a very good impression on the recruiters.

Experience and Reliability

Recruiters always try to figure out the specific relevant skills in the candidates in their prior experience which can make them perfect for the available designation. Therefore, it is vital to show the recruiter similar roles the candidate has held before, which makes him suitable for the job.

Showing a recruiter relevant work history can be a strong start when adding to it that the employee can be trusted and relied on is something every hiring manager would be interested in. This can be done by adding the work history on the resume, under the job descriptions with the keywords such as taking charge of deadlines to be met in a certain timeframe, notifying urgently, last-minute changes, etc. If a candidate does not have any relevant experience, then he or she can do an IT training certificate which can help them to enhance their skillset and boost their resume. Also, candidates must prepare a cover letter in which they can add their previous work experiences and, they can mention the qualities of them which make them suitable for the job position. In the cover letter, they can add the answer that why they are leaving the other job. These traits show a hiring manager that even if the exact job title was not held before by a candidate, but there are characteristics in line with what is expected by the hiring organization. Candidates can attend some career counseling programs which can assist them in every manner whether it is regarding resume making or interview preparation.

Attitude and passion

More than experience, a candidate should present a professional attitude and show a passion for the job, for the company, and its products. Candidates need to show how keen they are to get that position, it can resonate in their way of speaking, their dressing sense, and actions. A hiring manager would more likely be looking for a candidate whom they will act as a brand ambassador for the company and draw more clients.

Concise and Competent

A resume should be clear and concise, showing only relevant jobs held by the candidate in the past and tailored to the specific jobs applying for. The resume should show all the qualifications, skills, and certifications, exactly the way they are, not to be stretched or appear pretentious. Candidates can grasp some resume writing tips from online counseling sites to make their resume more impressive. To add to that, it is important especially when tailoring, that the candidate’s skills are untruthfully stretched to fit the job duties. Instead, show a genuine interest in the domain, and the characteristics of a well capable learner of new skills.

Make it easy and show flexibility

A candidate should make it easy for the company to progress forward, by having any necessary job programs or clearances ready to show, before being asked.

It is very hard to find, especially in the local workforce of Australia, someone who would be going over the top, staying overtime, doing jobs out of their job description, etc. Showing agility with regards to working days, traveling and job duties are therefore very welcome.

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