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What is The Business Consulting?

Business Consulting

Overview: This document will provide details about Business Consulting.

What is Business consulting?

It’s a profession, in which the professional analyzes businesses, creates solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals. These professionals, generally known in the industry as ‘Consultants’, share their own approaches or frameworks to assist a business and provide recommendations to achieve goals efficiently.

There are different types of consultants: IT consultants, healthcare consultants, and engineering consultants. This article is primarily focused on business consultants.

Business consultants can be self-employed or work at organizations. Consultants are hired to improve the structure and productivity of businesses. Sometimes a consultant might be used to solve a specific problem that the business is encountering.

When a consultant begins a job, they first visit the organization and communicate with different departments and employees about operating procedures. After a thorough examination of the operations, a consultant provides suggestions on improvement. The suggestions are often presented both orally and in written reports.

Management analysts also known as Business consultants work at least full-time, although many log longer hours as deadlines approach. They may be self-employed, or work as a contractor for a firm or work for an organization. They work in office settings and travel to new clients’ locations, when necessary.

Responsibilities include:

– Manage and execute business projects (for the clients)

– Assist with strategies and execution

– Requirements Gathering through different approaches (shadowing, interviews, reports, workshops etc.)

Required certifications and special licensing

Although in most cases, a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field is required, depending on the specific field, there might be a pre-requisite to have a specific certification or license.

Some of the top consulting businesses include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Advertising
  3. Auditing
  4. Business (e.g. Business Analysis)
  5. Business writing
  6. Career counseling
  7. Communications
  8. Computer programmer (e.g. SAP BW consultant, SAP Finance consultant)
  9. Editorial services
  10. Executive search/headhunter firms
  11. Human resources
  12. Insurance
  13. Marketing
  14. Payroll management
  15. Public relations
  16. Taxes

Ways of working

– Location

There are many advantages to having a home office. Among them are:

*Low overhead expenses.


If working out of your home office, it can be tax-deductible.

– Income and billing

Billing plays a crucial role, i.e. how you charge the clients. Setting a competitive rate is crucial.

As well they are different ways of billing depending on your ways of working and the clients. You can charge hourly basis, project basis etc.

List of Business Analysis Courses

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