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What is Business Consulting?

Business Consulting

Business consulting is about creating value for an organisation by creating solutions for the organisation. A business consultant may sound like a business analyst but they are not the same thing. A business analyst and a business consultant are similar in that they identify solutions. However, while a business analyst identifies areas in the organisation that need a solution, a business consultant works at a higher level and formulates plans for the organisation as a whole to move forward. A business consultant is a more generalised role that deals with the organisation as a whole, in areas such as finance, management, IT, HR and accounting.

There are many reasons to hire a business consultant, an organisation may hire a business consultant if their development has stagnated and a third-party is required to deliver some creative solutions and a fresh perspective. A business consultant’s experience can help motivate new ideas to develop and improve the organisation. Business consultants are often knowledgeable in the fields they work in and can often come up with solutions that are the best for the situation. Business consultants are also able to initiate change within the organisation, their third-party status allows them to be the deciding factor in in-organisation discussions and decision-making processes.

A business consultant, like a business analyst, has to spend a lot of time learning and understanding relevant information about the organisation as a whole to understand the components for success within the organisation as well as what the obstacles for the organisation are. Using this information, the goal of the business consultant is to provide the organisation with a long-term plan that plays to the organisation’s strengths and mitigates its weaknesses.

Because of the combination of a business consultant’s third-party status, expertise and function, a business consultant is the perfect tool to use to improve an organisation. Business consultants are useful for fostering change within the organisation as their fresh perspective gives them a clearer picture of what the weaknesses in an organisation are. After identifying the weaknesses, being a third-party allows them to suggest changes without the risk of office politics being an issue.

Business consulting can bring immense value to an organisation through their expertise, they can create solutions to problems within the organisation and help the organisation develop long-term plans to create a framework in which the organisation can use to scale and expand on in the future. A stagnated organisation will continue to stagnate and deteriorate without something fresh and new to catalyse a change, a business consultant can fill this role and bring the organisation to new heights.

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