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What are the Requirements Recruiters are Looking for?

What are the requirements recruiters are looking for?

There are few things that the recruitment agent looks for.  First thing they look for is your commitment to looking for the job. Because if you were selected for the interview and for the job and you reject the offer, would bring pretty sad face. On the other hand, if you go for the interview little later than scheduled or don’t turn up to the interview. The agency would have spent lot of efforts, money and skills and if that has hot giving them the money then they would not be happy and would not take any risk upon you. They want to confirm you really want a job and committed to get one.  The ways to show your commitment is, regular communication with them, regular follow up from you. Professional communication and verbal skills from you. Answer their calls as soon as they call. Recruiters are highly skilled to identify people who are time wasters. If once you have been black listed, you never know if you are going to work with them again then it will be very difficult.

Confidence: Show your confidence in your work by speaking with them with confidence. When there is time for you to speak and if you don’t speak then they will be worried. Build your confidence in using your body language. The body gesture should give the impression that you are ready to do anything. Speak with the tone which is confident, don’t be nervous. By little practice you can achieve this. Sit up straight, keep eye contact, don’t make sudden movements. Smile naturally, this smile makes you appear confident. Communicate positively with positive thoughts, chat and make a little joke to bring a real genuine smile in. This communicates you as friendly and natural, not like a robot.

The recruiter’s main objective is to make sure you are the valuable asset for them. They want to set up someone who is fit for the culture. After spending lot of money, they want to make use of it, they do not want to get in trouble after selecting you. They look for a person complete balanced in qualities like calm, person who can take pressure and won’t react, able to handle in any situation, carry positive emotions.

At the end of the day recruiters want to make money so looking for a better candidate to sell. So, one has to make an impression that they could sell you, that means you should be able to sell yourself. You should have good CV, relevant personalised with all the skills you have which they are looking for. How to make this happen is by using “unique selling proposition”, Think of these selling pitches and add them into your resume and broadcast them.

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