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What are the Different Types of Testing?

Types Of Testing

Testing is the process of executing a program with the aim of finding errors. To make our software perform well it should be error-free. If testing is done successfully it will remove all the errors from the software.

Types of Testing: –

Functional testing

Functional testing is another broad term used in the testing world to refer to testing activities where what is being tested is the actual functionality of the system.

1. Unit Testing

It focuses on the smallest unit of software design. In this, we test an individual unit or group of interrelated units. It is often done by the programmer by using sample input and observing its corresponding outputs.

2. Integration Testing

The objective is to take unit tested components and build a program structure that has been dictated by design. Integration testing is testing in which a group of components is combined to produce output.

Integration testing is of four types:

  • Top-down
  • Bottom-up
  • Sandwich
  • Big-Bang

3. Regression Testing

Every time a new module is added leads to changes in the program. This type of testing makes sure that the whole component works properly even after adding components to the complete program. Regression testing is performed to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t broken any of the existing functionality. Its purpose is to find bugs that may have been accidentally introduced into the existing build and to ensure that previously removed bugs continue to stay dead.

4. Smoke Testing

This test is done to make sure that software under testing is ready or stable for further testing
It is called a smoke test as the testing an initial pass is done to check if it did not catch the fire or smoke in the initial switch on.

5. Sanity Testing

When a new build is received with minor modifications, instead of running a thorough regression est suite we perform a sanity test. It determines that the modifications have actually fixed the issues and no further issues have been introduced by the fixes. Sanity testing is generally a subset of regression testing and a group of test cases executed that are related to the changes made to the product.

6. Alpha Testing

This is a type of validation testing. It is a type of acceptance testing which is done before the product is released to customers. It is typically done by QA people.

7. Beta Testing

The beta test is conducted at one or more customer sites by the end-user of the software. This version is released for a limited number of users for testing in a real-time environment

8. System Testing

This software is tested such that it works fine for the different operating systems. It is covered under the black box testing technique. In this, we just focus on the required input and output without focusing on internal working.

  1. Non-Functional Testing

Non functional is type of testing to check Non-functional aspects like:

  • Load testing- How an application performs under a heavy load
  • Performance testing- Performance of the application based on certain scenarios
  • Recovery testing- Recovery from error conditions or hardware issues
  • Security testing- The security of the system
  • Stress testing
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility testing

10. Acceptance testing

The basic idea of acceptance testing is that you have some tests which test the actual requirements or expectations of the customer, and other tests that run against the system as a whole. Sometimes it’s called system testing. This kind of testing could be testing the functionality of the system or it could be testing the usability or both.

We believe that functional testing plays a crucial role in transforming client’s understanding of customer needs into applications that meet their requirements.

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