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Aug 26
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Types of Jobs in Business Analysis

A business analyst duty involves assessing current operations and processes for a specific organization and looking for improvements that can be made to increase the bottom line. Business analysts need to specialize in certain areas of business, such as technology or inventory management. There are also analyst who focuses on health care. A business analyst need to have training on both the business process and the software options. They are required to review existing processes, options, and implement technology based solutions. There is no any specific training program to become a business analyst. Many business analyst have a background in computer technology, software, or business processes. Business analyst are required to deal with other people, therefore a communication skills is very important for a business analyst.

There are mainly four types of business analyst jobs available in the market : software specific, consulting, functional business analyst, and academic.

Software Specific : Information technology consulting firms often have business analyst jobs available for qualified candidates. The business analyst roles may vary from creating user documentation to business process modeling. They require specialized knowledge in certain areas of business, such as technology or inventory management, or a specific industry, eg.health care .

Consulting : The more experienced business analysts often switch to a consulting career to provide variety and a higher salary. There are multiple opportunities within consulting firms, however, very few business analysts form their own consulting companies, as they do not typically have the contacts necessary to make this business successful.

Functional : A functional business analyst reviews the actual business process in place, models and documents the entire work flow. They can then provide a list of options that would increase efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and improve transparency. Most of the functional analysts posses formal education or training in their area of expertise, eg. accounting, human resources, or procurement.

Academic : Later in their careers, many business analysts turn to academic life. They find positions as teachers or instructors in a wide range of community and career colleges. The number of courses that they are responsible for varies, depending on the number of students and their area of expertise. It is common for instructors to work for multiple schools simultaneously.

Business analyst job is available in a wide range of industries. The advancement in  technology at the workplace and the need for these skills is expected to increase. Although most companies now have computerized systems, very few of them are utilizing all the features that are available. The most important role of business analyst is to recommend solutions to various business problems identifying the available options.

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