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Troubleshooting The Printing Problems

Troubleshooting The Printing Problems

Printers are important parts of the workplace; it allows employees to print hard copies of documents for easier communication between each other or customers. Printing documents are one of the easiest things to do however, printers are also one of the most common equipment in the workplace to have problems, from running out of paper and ink to not connecting to the right computer.

When a printer stops working, there are many problems that could cause it, from simple problems to more complicated problems. One of the first things to check when a printer is not working is if the printer is powered on. Next, to make sure that the printer has been stocked with enough paper to print. Some advanced printers may even have multiple paper trays and it is important to make sure that the right tray is filled with paper. Printer stoppages can also be caused by paper jams. Paper jams can be solved by opening designated panels on the side or top of printers that allow access to the printer’s rollers, where jammed paper can be extracted.

Printers without ink or toner can also stop working. With some coloured printers, lacking an ink colour, even if that colour is not in use, may cause the printer to stop working. Therefore it is always good to ensure that all colours of printer ink are filled. If a printer is fully stocked with ink but still displays a low toner/ink message, the ink nozzles may be clogged and prevent ink from reaching the printer head. A quick read through the printer’s manual should show the proper ink nozzle cleaning procedure and solve the clogging issue.

Another issue a printer does not work is if the connection from the computer or device is no working properly. This could stem from a damaged USB cable or in the case of wireless printers, various other networking problems may cause this issue as well. In this case, network tests must be run as well as ensuring that other supporting equipment is working such as ethernet cables and routers. Most wireless printers have a wireless network test report function that can be run to confirm if the wireless connection is working.

Finally, printer stoppages can be caused by software issues. Printer software is constantly updating and it may not be uncommon for a printer to need to update its driver software to continue operation. Confirming a printer is using up-to-date drivers can make sure that this is not the issue. A printer’s queue can also be blocked with postponed or stopped print jobs, causing the printer to stop working as it struggles to print these items. Clearing the print queue would solve this problem.

These are only some troubleshooting problems that can stop a printer from working, as well as the accompanying solutions to get the printer operational again. A printer is important in the workplace and should have as little downtime as possible.

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