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Troubleshooting The Internet Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting The Internet Connectivity Issues

The internet is a vital part of modern everyday life and the workplace. Not having an internet connection could have drastic negative repercussions, from being unable to communicate with others, to costing money due to lost business. It is extremely important that users know how to diagnose basic internet connectivity problems so that internet can be independently resolved quickly and without fuss.

To test if an internet connection is completely disconnected or only allowing partial access, using the ping command to ping common sites such as google.com can help to determine if the internet connection is completely down or merely having trouble connecting to specific sites.

If a computer displays a ‘No Internet’ message, the most common issue would be a physical problem, such as an unplugged network cable or a damaged cable. Making sure the cable is plugged into the correct ports or replacing a suspect cable may solve this problem. It is also important to make sure that the router the computer is connected to is turned on and displays all of the correct green lights for its connections. Sometimes, the router may work after being reset to factory settings using its reset button or turning it off and on again.

The internet connectivity problem could also lie with the computer being misconfigured. By checking the network icon, it shows if the network adapter on the computer has been turned off. If the network adapter has been turned off, going to the computer’s device list and manually turning the adapter on may solve the problem. On a Windows computer, going to the IPv4 properties window displays the computer’s IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server. Misconfigured settings here may stop the computer from making an internet connection. The IP address of the computer should not clash with another device on the network and the default gateway should be the IP address of the router.

A DNS server experiencing problems may not be able to convert the domain names of websites into IP address for the computer to use. To test if that is the problem, the IP address of the website can be entered directly into a web browser. If using an IP address connects the computer to the website, the DNS server is experiencing problems and changing to a third-party DNS server may be an option. A commonly used DNS server is, a DNS service provided by Google.

These are some common internet connectivity problems and solutions to solve these problems. An internet connection is extremely important in the workplace and at home, knowing how to diagnose and fix a broken internet connection is an important skill to know.

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