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Troubleshooting Printing Problems

Troubleshooting Printing

The printers are used widely in modern office and business. It is important for an IT professional to manage and troubleshoot printing issues.

To deal with it, open the control panel and select the category: Hardware and Sound. Inside the category, select the Devices and printers option. This is the where you will find all printers information and management. You will see the large icons of all the devices and printers that are recognized by the operating system. Double click any printer that you want to modify and you will see a window pops up with the que information. The top bar is the management menu where you can set something. For example, the top menu has the Printer with the drop-down menu as following:

  • Connect
  • Set As default printer
  • Printing Preferences…
  • Update Driver
  • Pause Printing
  • Cancel All Documents
  • Sharing…
  • Use Printer Offline
  • Properties
  • Close

You can click the Cancel All documents and all the documents in the queue is cancelled. This is when you print a wrong thing and the way to forcefully stop the printing command. If this does not take effect, you can use the another method to stop the printing. Type Windows+R and type services.msc. This opens the window of all Services in the operating system. Find the Printer Spooler, it is the printing service option that manages the queue of the printers. Double click the Print Spooler and chooses the stop. This forces the all the printing services to stop and there is no queue.

If the problem still exists, the next step is to go to the PC and type the code: C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS. Hit enter and the code leads to the printers’ folder. Delete all the contents in the folder and the printing problems should be solved.

If the problems still exist, the last step is the final operation. Right click the computer and go to Manage. Click on the Device Manager and select the Print queues. Select the printer that you want to troubleshoot, right click and update the driver. As sometimes the older version of driver could affect the printing’s troubleshoot. Besides, check your physical connection between PC and printer like USB cables.

If you are using the network printer, check the internet connection and the printer IP address assignment. If your network printer has the problem and you are going to reset it. For example, you are going to set up a FUJI network printer. In the printer’s setting menu, select administrator menu and go inside the internet option. Add a new port, TCP/IP and input the IP address and gateway.

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