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Troubleshooting Email Issues

Troubleshooting Email Issues

Email is the most common written communication way nowadays. A lot of formal communication uses email to complete. Email can send documents which is one advantage over telephone/mobile call. It is hard to live without email nowadays. Sometimes, email has problems and you can’t send or receive emails. To troubleshoot email issues, look at the following suggestions:

  1. Verify the internet connection is working.

Email is working based on internet connection. If the internet connection is off, the email is not going to work. Check the internet connection and troubleshoot it if there is a problem.


  1. Verify the username and password

When you have the internet connection but your email doesn’t work. You have to input your username and password again in the main setting menu. Microsoft Outlook is used widely in the business nowadays and the following example is Microsoft Office Outlook based. Open the Outlook and click File on the top Taskbar and select Account Settings. In the Account Settings, double click your email address that has the issue. Re-enter your User Name and Password under the Logon Information session.


  1. Adjust junk mail filter

Some spam mail filter affects the normal operation of the email. The following example is Microsoft Office Outlook based. Click on Junk on the Home tab and select Junk E-mail Options. In the pop-up window, choose the Low: move the most obvious junk-email to the Junk E-mail folder under the Options Tab.


  1. Verify the server settings

When the server setting is not correct, it affects the email normal functions. The following example is Microsoft Outlook based. Go to the File in the top Taskbar and click the Account Settings. Under the E-mail tab, check the Type is IMAP/SMTP (send from this account by default). Double click the email and select more settings. Go to the Advanced tab and check whether the server settings are according to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s requirements. For example, the Telstra supports Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) as incoming server and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) as outgoing server.


  1. Confirm the security conflict is not existed.

Sometimes, the firewall and/or antivirus software blocks the email normal functions. You have to check the security setting and confirm there is no conflict. You can have a test by temporarily disable your security software. Try to send/receive email now. If the email can send/receive, the issues are due to the security software. Turn your security software back to normal working status and adjust some settings accordingly.

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