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Training Experience at Logitrain

Training experience

Overview: This document will share about a typical training experience at Logitrain in the Business Analysis area.

Training & Work Experience Programs with Logitrain

Logitrain offer Training and Work Experience Programs in multiple cities within Australia including Melbourne in the following areas:

  • IT
  • Networking
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Software Testing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Administration

Their team includes highly qualified, certified instructors with both professional experience and years of experience in delivering high-quality training. Their IT training and certification course center in Melbourne is equipped with state of the art equipment.

Training experience including internship / work experience

Logitrain offers a wide range of courses including some of the below:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Amazon web services

Cisco courses and certifications

Microsoft course and certifications

The entire course catalog can be found at: https://www.logitrain.com.au/courses.html

As part of Business Analysis Guarantee 1 program, both training and a month of internship are included. In the internship program, tasks are to be completed on a daily basis & weekly basis. It is tailored to suit the individuals based on their availability.

It gives an opportunity to learn BA specific practices and as well to get updated about latest BA specific concepts.

Their highly qualified, certified instructors with both professional experience and years of experience in delivering high-quality training, delivered the training in an clear, engaging and interactive way and shared all the relevant resources and materials for the related courses, which helped to successfully pass the certifications.

The internship program is divided into four main categories with a dedicated mentor:

Technical Writing: It helped me in gaining knowledge about & also improved my technical writing skills, be it a ‘Technical summary’ or ‘How To’ documents.

BA Case Studies: This part is dealt with understanding the BA scenarios that is given and analyzing them and writing about them

ITIL Foundation case studies: This part is dealt with understanding the ITIL scenarios that is given and analyzing them and writing about them.

Behavioral skills: Preparing for the behavioral questions can help prepare in answering them in a better way. It is just that preparing beforehand so that it helps the candidates to speak & answer relevant to the position they are applying for.

The above areas form the core for any business analyst role and hence internship will equip the individual with the necessary skillset.

Why Logitrain is the best training company

Logitrain with their recruitment experience over 25 years,  formulated the Career programs which also assists individuals in preparing for jobs from job applying techniques, applying for right jobs to writing tailor made, result producing resumes & cover letters, dressing up for the interviews and getting through them with ease.

Keeping in view the importance of certifications in Australian job market, their course & certifications are offered as per Technology such as AI, networking from Cisco, Microsoft courses, Process related courses such as BCS IT Project management, BA, Agile & People related courses such as Business essential skills, communications skills including internship opportunity for select job programs resulting in local work experience, which makes them the best training company in Australia.

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