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Top Best ITIL Study Tips

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ITIL is a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. ITIL’s systematic approach to IT service management can help businesses manage risk, strengthen customer relations, establish cost-effective practices, and build a stable IT environment that allows for growth, scale and change. ITIL certifications demonstrate that professionals are educated in IT Service Management best practices. Aligning IT with the business can save time, reduce waste and help IT avoid costly rework. ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. 

Determine Target Date for Sitting ITIL Foundation Exam

If you wish to succeed, you need to determine an attainable target first! Determine when you will sit for the ITIL Foundation exam. This is the first step of ITIL Foundation Study Plan. This does not mean that go and schedule your ITIL Foundation exam date. Just mark a date that you will be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exama typical ITIL Foundation preparation takes around 35-45 hours in total. If you consider that you will be able to study only in the evenings, during weekends and public holidays, assume that you can spare around 6 hours for ITIL Foundation study each week. And this makes 6-8 weeks preparation time in total.

Prepare Your Plan

You can plan 6 hours of study per week based on your schedule. For instance, you can study 2 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Wednesday and 2 hours on Sunday. Or, if you want to leave the weekend empty, you can swap Sunday study with the Thursday. The days you will study for ITIL Foundation may change week-to-week but try to keep at least 6 hours of study time.

There might be long public holidays or special days ahead that you won’t be able to study. Plan these weeks as free and make your ITIL Foundation study plan accordingly.

Take Notes during Your ITIL Foundation Study

There will be lots of concepts, formulas, hints etc. throughout the ITIL Training. Printout the handouts before starting to lectures and take notes during your ITIL Foundation study. Especially take notes where you found valuable information. These notes will be useful once you finished the course. You will go over the notes during last weeks of preparation to remember previous lectures you completed before.


Make Practice as much as Possible

Lots of practice cannot be understated when you are getting ready to take the test. One of the first steps is to familiarize yourself with the ITIL exam pattern. Then, work on official sample papers and practice questions to get an idea of what the real exam is like.

Go through your wrong answers

Once you finished your ITIL Foundation study, go over your wrong answers that you selected during quizzes and sample ITIL Foundation Exams. Your wrong answers show your weaknesses. Especially go through the knowledge areas where you made the most mistakes. Going over the same section for the 2nd time will strengthen your know-how and reduce the risks of selecting wrong options during the real ITIL Foundation exam.

Go through your notes frequently

Best way to keep your mind ready for the ITIL Foundation exam is going over your notes frequently. ITIL Foundation preparation is a long journey, and sections you completed earlier might be harder to remember when you come to the further sections.

Memorize the keywords

To pass the test, you need to get the keywords right. In the ITIL framework, keywords  link to other keywords.

Keywords are terms used in ITIL such as:

a) Service strategy
b) Service design
c) Service transition
d) Service level agreements
e) Operational level agreements

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