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Top 7 Ways to improve your cover letter

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Covering letters are important. Often people think this does not matter. But many of the recruiters say the covering letter would make a difference in decision making process. Helps you to stand out. Covering letter is the first thing they see. This is just a beginning process.  The first impression you can make, and we need to get a chance to meet the people by achieving an interview not the job.  It has been said there will be around 250 applications for a job and it is very hard to really stand out among them to get attention. It takes time to write but it is worth it. Using a same covering for all the jobs we are applying is not a better idea. Sending something that doesn’t represent you in a better way is not good. Covering letter needs to be adjusted according to the relevant job advertised. Research about the   culture and the tone of the company from their website or available information. We need to modify to suit this to express that interest in the job. They don’t really care what is your achievements are. Example: “I think this role get me an opportunity to learn about Financial domain”. This is not what the employer is looking for. Rather what they do want to know what your skills brings to the company and what benefits they can see from you.


Here are the 7 things to improve to have a better covering letter.


  1. Personalize: Not all jobs applied with the same covering letter. Each job is unique and each job applied should be with unique covering letter addressing the specifics. Try to add certain parts of a cover letter with one or two sentences which are specific can make something feel much more authentic.
  2. Get the attention: The first paragraph is very important as it is the first thing they see. It is good to write some key words that is relevant to the industry gets the attention of the reader to continue reading more. Avoid sending the same letter for every job.
  3. Include interests: Specify why you are interested in this particular job. The Resume won’t give you this opportunity to write. So, utilize this opportunity to communicate your enthusiasm that makes difference in their organization. This should be in line with the tone of the organization you are applying. Do not make the things up while which may result in failure during the interview if you could get through, as you can’t keep up to the limit.
  4. Error free: Make sure there is no editing errors like grammatical mistakes, wrong words used in right place. If possibly make someone else read whatever you have written is making sense. No matter how qualified you are, if you make a mistake that will put off the recruiter, they think this position is not important for you to give attention.
  5. Headline: Add the tagline to capture attention rather than standard targeted role. Show some personality example: Marketing Ninja. This will catch the attention and stands out of the crowd.
  6. Top three achievements: Pick top three of your achievements and outline them in the covering letter. This may be from the resume itself. Try to rephrase them to highlight what was the milestone accomplished that would help the organization as well.
  7. Keep it to 250: Make sure your letter is not lengthy like 5 pages of essay. Make it maximum of 250 words. Make sure the content stands out. If someone read it for 5 to 6 seconds, make sure something important should stands out.

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