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Top 7 Ways To Improve The Cover Letter

Cover Letter

The cover letter matters as it helps to shortlist candidates before the recruiter decides to have look of your resume. The covering letters provide more context to the resume and increases the chances of securing an interview. Let’s discuss some ways to how to improve writing a cover letter.

  1. Adapt your cover letter for each job description:

Your experience, skills, and goals should make a connection to the specific job you are applying for. You need not have to address each bullet point of the job description, but making a connection to the requirements for the job will solve the purpose.

  1. Show passion for the job:

It is important to convey your enthusiasm and interest in the position and company you have applied for. But, simultaneously expressing your passion and desire to use your skills is a real attention grabber.

  1. Stick to your strengths:

It is better to provide good examples of your strengths and weaknesses and avoid bragging your skills mentioned in the job description which you do not possess. Tweaking the truth may harm you during the interview stage or worse on the job. You can feel more confident if you cleared your interview based on your existing skills.

  1. Start strong:

How you start your cover letter sets the tone for the rest of your message. Think about the first sentence or paragraph to tell about yourself and explain the purpose of your message before jumping right into your skills, goals, and experience. Another point to consider is the salutation. Avoid using “To Whom It May Concern”, instead address with the name of the person provided in the job description as a contact person or use “Dear Hiring Manager” if no contact is provided.

  1. Be concise:

Make the information clear and readable by using paragraphs and bullet points. It allows the cover letter to be both descriptive and to the point. If the cover letter is too lengthy it can be very unappealing to look. So, try to limit it to one page between 300-500 words.

  1. Show long term interest:

Organisations value employees who are long tenured. Since hiring is a tiring and expensive process, each company needs to believe that you are in it for a long pull.

  1. Check and Double Check:

Attention to detail is a vital key point for job success. So, check for any silly mistakes, grammatical and spelling errors. Check thoroughly before sending and even better get it reviewed once by your peer as sometimes we become blind to our own mistakes.

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