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Aug 25
improve your resume

Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Build beautiful resume which can ensure your job interview at that company you’ve always wanted to work for them. It must be highly effective resume to capture the employer’s attention in today’s job market.

Here are few creative activities which will help you to greatly improve your resume in the current software industry market.

  • Make master resume and cover letter
  • Update rewrite resume and cover letter for each job.
  • Analyze job description and shortlisted keywords.
  • Use action verbs and buzz words.
  • Make sure about grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure about the consistency of format and font style.
  • Create professional LinkedIn profile.

Make a master resume and cover letter:

Master resume and cover letter can help you to apply for a job quickly. In the master resume, you must include all of the work experience, transferable skills, technical skills and achievements which you obtain from your previous experiences. It may have more than seven pages or less. Once you make a master resume you can get an overview of the skills and experience. As per job advertisement, you can rewrite your resume for that specific job and you don’t lose your master copy of the resume or cover letter. By this habit, you never fail to remember things which you want to include in your job application.

Update rewrite resume and cover letter for each job:

Many time people apply for a job without updating their resume and cover letter. Which is a very impractical way to apply for a job in today’s fast paced work environment. Nowadays, an employer uses automation tool for sort interview candidates which takes only 30 seconds to scan your resume and cover letter. If you are incapable to put key skills than they will throw your resume in the bin within 30 seconds. So, the main point is that you must include keywords/skills which employer needs in their work environment. Keep in mind, always update and rewrite resume and cover letter for each job. One more point that you must re-read job advertisement and shortlisted the skills and then after rewrite resume and cover letter.

Analyze job description and shortlisted keywords:

The job description describes a list of job’s tasks which you must have to do in your work place. You must read job description slowly, carefully and line by line. An employer who wrote this job description which explains what they need from their future employee. Basic job description includes overview, responsibility, requirements, qualifications and desired attributes. Always read job description at least 5 times and shortlisted key skills which they want in their work place. You must give examples of times when you exhibited those attributes.

Use action verbs and buzz words:

You must start your sentence with a descriptive action verbs which will add power into your resume. Always use Organized, Participated, Involved, Developed, Planned, and Executed and so on. Don’t include ‘I’ on the resume. Example: “I created test cases for the various project.” This is the wrong way to put your experience in the work summary. Always put buzz words on your resume but it should be professional and don’t overuse it. The correct way to put action verbs is; Example: “Created test cases for the complex E-commerce project.

Make sure about grammar and spelling mistakes:

As you know “First impression is the last impression”. You introduce yourself by resume and cover letter which shows your personality and knowledge. Grammar and spelling mistakes show your lack of education and care. You must double check your resume and cover letter to come out with silly mistakes.

Make sure about the consistency of format and font style:

Ensure your resume must be easy to read and appealing. Keep everything the same size font and title should be little bigger than the summary. Use bullet points while adding more skills. Use digit when writing about numbers. Use separate section for the technical skills. Keep your resume formatting consistent because it helps with skimming, and if the recruiter wants to refer back to something, he or she will know where to look.

Create a professional LinkedIn profile:

If you want to stand out among the rest create your LinkedIn profile appealing and professional. Keep in touch with Employer by LinkedIn because it is the way to show your professionalism. Follow the employer where you want to work and always read articles and updated news from the company by that you can get an idea how’s the work environment of the employer and what they offer you to develop your career.

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