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Top 10 IT Jobs in Australia

IT Jobs in Australia

Information Technology (IT) includes a vast category of job types stretching from simple computer jobs to some of the most highest paying jobs in the world. An IT job commonly represents some type of computer support job. It represts the job titles like Computer Consultant, Desktop Support Engineer, Programmer Analyst, LAN Engineer, WAN Engineer, Network Security Consultant, Database Programmer, Systems Administrator, Microsoft Administrator, Unix Systems Administrator, CIO (chief information officer). There are virtually endless combination of job titles in IT.

An IT job employee would most commonly work for a company in their Information Technology department. Since everyone in an office most likely uses a computer, the IT employee would support the office staff of employees as it relates to their computers. A common person don’t know what to do when their computer breaks. It may need a tune up, a software update, or required to move their information from one computer to a new one. This is where an IT job comes handy. The IT employee knows how to fix computer problems for the office staff so the office staff can do their job efficiently.

The technology market continues to thrive with each passing year. Since the demand is consistently outweighing supply, the top IT talents in many functional areas are able to negotiate higher salaries, and sometimes even above-market averages. As the industry becomes more customer-centric, and as the concern over persistent cyber-security threats increases, the demand for specialist IT skill sets is rising everyday. The IT job categories such as Cyber-security specialists, software developers and business intelligence professionals are getting the highest pay rises in terms of starting salaries. In Australia, the most competitive salary increases are being offered in Melbourne with an average annual rise of 4.1% that followed by Brisbane at 3.2%, Sydney at 2.2% and Perth at 1.1%. The candidates in the development and cyber-security/IT security space will typically receive multiple job offers, leaving them well-placed to drive pay negotiations.

The top 10 best paying Tech/IT jobs in Australia at the moment could be categorized as followings :

  1. Cyber-security Specialist: The growing cyber-attacks has resulted in rising salary growth for top cyber-security specialists as companies vie for the best talent. The cyber security specialist can make a minimum of $118,000 and a maximum of $160,000 for a 6.2% rise.
  2. Senior Developer (Front-end Development): Companies are increasingly focused on customer-centric technology which leads to an increase in starting salaries for software developers with a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The senior developers can earn minimum of $117,000 and a maximum of $149,000 for a 5.1% rise.
  3. Developer (Front-end Development): Developers are in huge demand as companies move to a web-based platform. These developers can earn a minimum of $87,000 and a maximum of $125,000 for a 4.9% rise.
  4. Junior Developer (Back-end Development): The demand for junior developers is high. Employees with well-developed programming skills, who are database-savvy and those who have a thorough knowledge of web services can earn a minimum of $68,000 and a maximum of $93,000 for a rise of 4.4%.
  5. IT Security Specialist: The companies in present are being confronted with additional security concerns, including mobile, application, and Big Data analytics security. The most sought-after candidates are those who are familiar with new security software and hardware, have an understanding of emerging systems and are able to confidently use devices and related applications . They can earn a minimum of $121,000 and a maximum of $161,000 for a 4.8% rise.
  6. Senior Developer (Full-stack Development): An employees who can develop innovative and market-leading software tailored for companies are in huge demand. These IT professionals require a blend of specialist technical skills, creative thinking and business acumen. They need to be comfortable working across both back-end and front-end technologies making their area of specialisation highly desirable and placing upwards pressure on starting salary. They can earn a minimum of $113,00 and a maximum of $148,000 for a 4.5% rise.
  7. Business Intelligence Analyst: With companies realising the power of big data and the power of using this data to make informed, strategic decisions that benefit operations in all departments and impact a company’s bottom line, business intelligence analysts are finding themselves in high demand. They can earn a minimum of $89,000 and a maximum of $120,000 for a 4.0% rise.
  8. Junior Developer (Front-end Development): The junior developers specialising in front-end development will continue to be in demand as businesses increase their focus on customer interaction through an impressive company website. They can earn a minimum of $71,000 and a maximum of $95,000 for a rise of 3.9%.
  9. Business Intelligence Manager: Business intelligence managers, among many other duties, plan and design enterprise level Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, which add significant value to a company’s bottom line . The recruiter are complaining that the companies are finding it hard to find highly skilled BI nalysts. For them can earn a minimum of $121,000 and a maximum of $133,00 for a rise of 3.6%.
  10. Database Administrator: Professionals who can properly utilise big data are able to make informed and strategic decisions for their organisation. Database Administrators are in increasing demand. They can make a minimum of $83,000 and a maximum of $133,000 for a rise of 3.6%.

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