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Top 10 Famous IT Jobs in Australia

Top 10 IT Jobs in Australia

The IT sector emerged as the market leader at the end of the previous century and has continued to dominate the job market even in the 21st century. Present-day IT jobs can not be contained in a certain context, instead, they have diversified to a great extent, from software to hardware, from on-premise physical machines to virtual cloud-based technology. Information technology has taken over almost every field. From entertainment to space travel, everything depends on IT. With its expanding domain, a large number of new job portfolios have emerged. At present, the following IT jobs are the most in-demand in Australia:

1) Cloud Engineer

Everything today is based on the cloud. Leave aside file and storage capabilities, even the physical machines have been virtualised on a cloud. Maintenance of cloud infrastructure and cloud programs constantly requires the presence of a cloud engineer. The average salary for a cloud engineer in Australia is $123,000.

2) Solutions Architect

A solutions architect is responsible for assessing, designing and developing, and integrating the software and hardware requirements of an organisation. It is projected to grow at 23.4% over the next five years and the average salary is $160,000.

3) Software Engineer

There is a never-ending race of organisations to develop new, or to improve existing, computer programs and applications. The programs for these developments can be very complex and innovative and an engineer is needed to cater to the needs of the industry. The average salary for a software engineer is $100,000.

4) Cyber-security

As everything today, from banking to education, is based on a digital, IT platform, the need to secure the information and infrastructure has become a necessity. And the industry is bound to grow in the future. The average salary for a cyber security expert is $110,000.

5) Data Analyst/Scientist

Every day a large volume of data is collected worldwide, ranging from personal/private information to public, professional information. And this data needs to be converted from a complex haphazard manner into a user-friendly manner. The average salary for a data analyst is $100,000.

6) IT Project Manager

An IT project manager takes responsibility for the actions and outcomes at various levels of an IT project. They are required to ensure resource availability, prioritising, and scheduling projects. The average salary for an IT Project Manager is $130,000.

7) DevOps Engineer

A Development-Operations engineer is responsible for collaborations between the organisation’s development and operations team. This job profile is expected to grow at 23% over the next five years and the average salary is $130,000.

8) IT innovative thinker

They are required to think something new and out-of-box to improve existing, or to create new, IT services for the users. The average salary is $119,000.

9) Game developers

Gaming is a very big and profitable industry, and now with many new platforms available for gaming, the need for game developers is projected to see a 10% growth over the next 5 years. The average salary for a game developer is $103,000.

10) IT user support

The IT system has become so complex and advanced these days that constant support is required for users to continue accessing the technology.  The average salary for IT user support is $65,000.

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