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The Top Ten Free Networking Monitoring Software

Networking Monitoring Software

It is a powerful network monitoring tool that makes sure the critical applications, services and systems are always up and functioning properly. Nagios got features such as event handling, event processing, reporting and alerting. It contains the core monitoring engine and basic web UI. It supports external plug-ins such as you can create and use the plug-ins in the form of executable files or shell scripts to later monitor and collect metrics from every hardware and software used in the network. The plug-ins provide better GUI and support features such as auto discovery, notification escalation, extended graphing and such.

  1. CACTI:

It is a network monitoring and graph representing tool which is coded in MYSQL/PHP. It allows you to collect data from the routing system, switching system and any network system and put that data as a graphical representation. For any networking device, the Cacti developers use scripts, queries, or commands for data collections and save it as a template to use.

The Cacti uses RRD (Round Robin Database) tool to store data and generate graphics and then keeps collecting periodical data through Net SNMP. The RRD tool engine allows you to store datasets for a very long period of time and is limited to the size of the storage of your device. Cacti also facilitate multi user usage of the tool with or without edit permissions.

  1. ZABBIX:

The Zabbix comes with a simple and easy GUI which is easy to manage. The software supports application, server and cloud infrastructure monitoring. It uses advanced problem detection techniques to predict trends and helps to detect anomalies. It also helps to auto discover devices on a network, alerts, correlates event, etc. It supports both agentless monitoring with the help of technologies such as SNMP, ICMP, Telnet, SSH and more., and agent based monitoring for technologies like Linux, Windows OS and Solaris. The software has an active community that regularly updates the software and adds features.


It is a network, server and application monitoring tool. It supports both agentless and agent based monitoring through SNMP, HTTP, or through the API. It uses smart plug-ins to collect data from different software and hardware. Some of the features of Checkmk are state based monitoring, log and event based monitoring, graphing, analytics, customizable GUI, reporting, hardware and software inventory, business intelligence, notifications and alert handler.


It is a powerful tool for server and network monitoring for Linux and Windows operating systems. It can monitor processes that consume large volumes of network bandwidth. It takes only one command to gather all the statistics of the server to gather at one once. It can also monitor resources on the cloud as well as and supports data backup on Amazon S3 or local storage. This is an agent based monitoring and it uses CloudStats Agent to collect and send network data to users accounts.


 In addition to network monitoring, it also provides free IT asset management including inventory management, cloud monitoring and helpdesk tools. This monitoring tool helps to track critical applications such as servers, IP devices and switches, the helpdesk tool supports reporting, ticket management, ticket rule automation and integration with active directory. Spiceworks supports agentless techniques like WMI for Windows OS and SNMP which can provide details about network performance issues. It is possible to customize notifications and restart services from within the app.


This tool supports application monitoring, server monitoring, container monitoring, event analytics, virtualization monitoring, network monitoring and more. It helps to measure latency, status and volume of all HTTP connections. It tracks response and query time from web servers.


It has an easy and flexible UI with filtering options that help to analyze the packets captured by the tool. It allows to capture, view and analyze network traffic data side by side with other systems or application events.


This tool offers automated discovery, event management, notification management, service assurance and performance measurement features. OpenNMS provides a client app for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for easy access to view outages, nodes, alarms and add an interface to monitor.


It is a network analyzer that helps to monitor network traffic, troubleshoot network issues and analyze message packets. It got features that support over 300 network protocols and also includes the ability to create and customize protocols, email monitor and auto-save, and customize reports and dashboards.

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