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The Top 5 Free Network Monitoring Software

Network Monitoring Software

A computer network can be defined as an interconnection of networking devices configured to enable communication among them. Planning a network is necessary but so is the post-implementation monitoring. After a network is implemented it is paramount to monitor its working to ensure that it is working as intended. There are many powerful network monitoring tools and software available, mostly paid, but a few are available for free. The following is a list of top 5 free network monitoring software available nowadays.

  1. Nagios Core

The best feature in this is that it offers external plugins support to monitor and collect metrics, which has increased its utility manifolds. It supports remote monitoring. It is a highly flexible and scalable monitoring software. It also supports the implementation of redundant monitoring hosts. It can send push notifications to the user.

  1. Zabbix

It is highly scalable and detects problem states automatically within the incoming metric flow. It can start monitoring new items on the network automatically. It also offers encryption between all components and authentication methods. We can also build custom templates. It also offers an analysis of the root cause of any event. It can verify the availability and responsiveness of standard services like HTTP and SMTP without the need of installing any software on the host.

  1. Checkmk Raw Edition

It is very simple and easy to use. It supports log-based and event-based monitoring. Its vast customisation options and auto-discovery features make it more resourceful. The status based monitoring supported by this helps record the health of the device or the application. It also supports log-based and event-based monitoring.

  1. Lansweeper SNMP Freeware

By using this, we can remotely make changes to the scanned computers. It acts proactively. We can even schedule complete network scans by IP address ranges. We can also find the software installed on the network by its software inventory and auditing feature. It is highly scalable. We can even keep a track of the bandwidth used by various devices and applications.

  1. Cacti

This helps collect data from almost any networking device and presents the findings in a very robust graphical presentation. We can create templates and save them to use later for similar devices. We can also add multiple users with controlled permissions, each with its own graph set. The data collected on this is stored permanently. It also allows the remote collection of data. We can also gather data on a non-standard time span.

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