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The Most Popular CCNA Study Tips

CCNA Study Tips

One popular question you always overhear is ‘Is the CCNA certification worth it?’, and the simple answer to that is the CCNA certification is actually one of the highly-valued certifications that can help grow your career. So, are you ready to undergo your CCNA certification exam? The CCNA exam is not cheap, it can range from up to $300-$400 AUD. This report will give you some handy study tips to ensure you pass on your 1st attempt!

The first tip that you should always do is to familiarize yourself with the exam. If you don’t know the exact requirements for the exam it will be hard to succeed on it. You can access information about the exam on the CISCO official website, they also provide study material, exam topics that will be covered, and practice tests.

The most important tip to succeed is to take practice exams. These practice exams will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the real exam, so treat it like one! Put your phone away, get all other distractions out the way, set a timer, and start answering! There are websites out there that obtain official exam questions from a database, however, some are outdated and, in the official exam database, there are thousands of new questions that could even pop up. So, one thing that is strongly discouraged is memorizing questions/answers. Instead actually knowledge yourself on the question and why the right answer was the right answer.

Another obvious tip is to enroll yourself in a CCNA course. The trainers in these courses know the study areas that need to be prioritized for the exam. This is also the best opportunity to get all your doubts answered. Don’t waste this opportunity! Self-Study alone is cool, however, gaining expensive knowledge from a trainer AND Self-study is even cooler! Melbourne offers plenty of CCNA courses in-person and even online, check out Logitrain.

Make sure you take notes or highlight important information. If you see a topic or information that is listed under the official exam topics, prioritize it! After you finish the book, if a piece of information is highlighted you can easily spot important information to come back to. This is why enrolling yourself in a course is important, the trainers can assist you in what to highlight or take extra notes on.

In saying that you can even join the online community. There are always questions going to be questions that you don’t understand and even after googling it you still don’t understand. These online communities give you a chance to chat with other candidates and even experts and get answers to your questions.

Remember, The CCNA 200-301 exam is different from other certification exams when it comes to the question count, the time limit, and the pass mark. The CCNA exam consists of around 100-120 questions and allows you to have a 120-minute time limit. That’s around 1 minute per question so use your time wisely, TIME IS VALUABLE! However although the time limit and question ratio can be a little bit frightening at first glance, there are some questions that you can answer instantly if you do the right studying. In saying that, ensure if you think you know the answer instantly that you give yourself enough time to read the question carefully to avoid misreading. In the CCNA exam, you need a pass mark of approximately 82.5%, which is much higher than the typical 65-70% you need on other exams.

Finally, Make sure you take breaks. Don’t cram yourself with information or you will burn yourself out. Give yourself a day or two off before exam day and even between study days. And remember the best thing to get a day before the exam is a good night’s sleep!

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