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Technical Writing And Its Importance

Technical Writing

Technical writing is that the process of writing and sharing information with a primary objective to convey information in a clear and effective manner possible. The knowledge conveyed is usually complex, and it’s one of the main and important task of the author of the document is to research the knowledge and present it in easy to read and understand format.

The person who writes the technical writing document is known as Technical writer. They need strong writing and communication skills and skilled with conveying information through text & with computers as well. The technical writing document can be a user manual, SOP, How to document, in the form of illustrations, diagramming programs to form visual aids, and document processors to style , create, and format documents.

Although technical writing is usually about user manuals & ‘how to documents’, it’s also related to different range of genres and technologies. Reports, business proposals, product description documents and specifications, white papers, SOP, cover letter & resumes are some of the examples of technical writing document.

Types and Importance of Technical writing documents

  • SOPs or procedure documents help either developers or end users operate or configure a device or program.
  • Business Proposals is a document that describes the purpose of a project, the tasks that will be performed in the project, the methods used to complete the project, and finally the cost of the project
  • Specifications (Functional or Technical)details on the specifications of the specific area. For example, a technical writer might include the flow of an inventory model in a business intelligence environment and include the technical objects and the data flows to be used.
  • Process & Procedures – provide information on how something works. For example, it will describe how activation lock process works or how passcode lock process works in iOS ecosystem.
  • Case study  is a report that could be about a particular situation or a person or even a group studied over time. For example, an organizations project requirement or challenging situation faced in the project and how it was resolved it is a case study.
  • White papers are documents that usually describe a solution to a technological or business situation or a challenge. Examples of white papers include explaining how to improve business processes, how to improve profits etc.
  • Online Help provide users with technical information about products and services. The relevant websites provide assistance to end users with respect to issues and troubleshooting steps.

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