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Aug 21
Technical Jobs Australia

Technical Support Jobs in Australia

Digital transformation is set to attain “macroeconomic scale” over the next few years, changing the way enterprises operate, in Australia. Thus, there will be increase in demand for technical support jobs in coming years.

The duty of a technical support engineer is to solve technical problems related to the ever changing technology for business users. Their job is to help the user with upcoming technical issues and network problem resolution in their day to day task.

As an entry-level technician their duties are to assemble and install the computer system, keeping them updated with security fixes and patches, thus helping out computer users to work smoothly. They might also provide training to the users when a new software or an IT regulation comes in.

The job of a support engineer could be easy at times and could become very complex at times.

A support engineer position is separated into three different levels.

L1 or Level 1 support jobs, which are basically for entry-level professionals or a trainee with minimum 1 year of experience in similar domain. At this level, engineers are required to perform some basic duties such as installing and operating computer systems, desktops and laptops, helping users overcoming technical issues and other simple tasks like assembling computer.

Then, L2 or Level 2 support jobs which are intended for desktop engineers. These position demands at least 2-3 years of industry relevant experience. Their duties are to manage and maintain the computer network, also to keep them updated with all essential fixes and patches, performing basic server related tasks and maintaining business relationships with various vendors and following up on SLAs.

Then we have L3 or Level 3 technical support jobs intended for System Administrators. This requires good industry experience of approximately 5 years in a similar domain. They are the lead computer engineers in the organization. They are highly responsible for maintaining and managing computers and the network by ensuring minimum downtime. They focus on maintaining and managing server related tasks, communicating with other departments or performing critical network changing requirements.

For this position, the starting salary is $55,000 per annum with the increment possibilities of up to $100,000 per annum depending on the employee’s experience, efficiency, educational qualifications, certifications, company policies and capability. Certification like MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, AWS, etc. are highly beneficial for professional growth and personal growth in this domain of Information Technology.

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