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Simply Explained AWS in Easy Way


According to Amazon, the number of active AWS users exceeds 1,000,000.  and AWS accounts for about 13% of Amazon’s total revenue.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and was founded in 2006. AWS is known as a secure cloud computing platform that provides a variety of different services to individuals, companies, or governments.

AWS being a cloud provider has plenty of competitors, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud. So why use AWS rather than these other cloud providers? There are so many ways why AWS could be advantageous to you or your business. Firstly, AWS is available in 25 regions and 81 availability zones, meaning you can access servers from any country. There are no regional boundaries. Adding to that, AWS also has a disaster recovery system, meaning you are able to recover lost data so you aren’t hit with any setbacks. Finally, AWS provides increased security to protect you. There are multiple layers of security and the best thing is Amazon regularly conduct checks for any vulnerabilities.

Some of the most known and most used services that AWS provides include Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Beanstalk, and AWS Lambda. Sometimes reading about what these services do on the internet can get a little bit complicated, so let’s explain each of these popular services in plain, simple, and easy English to make it easier for you to understand.

One of the most used Amazon services today would have to be Amazon Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or more known as Amazon EC2. The main purpose of Amazon EC2 is to create virtual machines instead of investing money into physical services to run applications.

Amazon RDS stands for Amazon Relational Database Service and is designed to make your infrastructures more user-friendly. With Amazon RDS you can create instances of databases in minutes. Adding to that, the instances can support multiple DB engines such as SQL, SQL server, and more. Let Amazon RDS do all the hard work for you, you don’t need to waste your precious time maintaining your DB servers.

Amazon CloudFront service’s main responsibility is to improve data transfer speeds, which allows users to get an instant response from a website as soon as they search up for information.

AWS Beanstalk allows developers to manage their website’s infrastructure. It is a little complicated for a developer to switch from development mode to maintenance mode quickly, hence why AWS Beanstalk provides autoscaling to make sure there are automatic updates for new software. It is good to note that this service also runs automatically. To sum up, AWS Beanstalk saves you a lot of time.

In some cases, your server will have too many requests coming in, meaning it won’t know how to respond. AWS Lambda’s responsibility is to support any load of development. You can handle the coding, while AWS Lambda ensures your system isn’t stretched past its capacity.

To conclude – Today, many companies require a large amount of storage meaning they would need to physically build their storage space and also maintain it regularly. Imagine this scenario, you own a company and build your own storage space. You spend so much on storage space however your business doesn’t kick off. Or even worse, it would be a disaster if you spend too little on storage space and your business kicks off more than you expected! With AWS, there is no upfront payment, you just need to pay for what you use, saving you money and avoiding scenarios similar to this! At the end of the day, AWS has a goal of moving companies onto the cloud, rather than using physical computing technology.

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