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SEO Benefits

SEO Benefits

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a website optimization tool that targets the quality of internet traffic. The typical 2 search engines that are used mostly are Google and Bing. The search engine systems collect information from the website. When a person wants to search for something like IT in the search engine. It leads you to the results of websites that contain IT key words. The work process of a search engine depends on its algorithm. The algorithm’s function is to transfer information to useful search results.

The website results are arranged by hierarchy. For example, some websites rank higher and others rank lower in search engines. People who use the search engine to search the websites will always see the top ones. This increases the chance of these websites to be accessed and used.

The SEO optimizes the website to be fast, robust, and user-friendly. It enables a website to have important attributes matches the search engine Algorithm and this website ranks higher. The search engine Algorithm normally checks the following attributes of the websites and determines rankings.

  • Words Matter
  • Titles Matter
  • Links Matter
  • Words in Links
  • Reputation

Words Matter is focused on the word search. For example, if you are searching for Microsoft certification in the search engine, the contents are narrowed to only Microsoft certification.

Each page on the web has an official title. SEO can optimize and summarize the title of each page.

Links Matter is about the links on the website. For example, if you would like to include all related links into your own website. SEO can reach this target.

Words in Links talks about the keywords in the links of your website. For example, on your website, it writes Microsoft certification is important and an IT professional has to own it. The words Microsoft certification is a link to the Microsoft website with certification information. SEO can help you to name the link as Microsoft certification and direct website users to access the link. If someone searches for Microsoft certification in the search engine, the sites results are ranked well by showing the website of Microsoft website in the top places.

Reputation is the optimization to show the websites with consistently recognized contents, frequent updates and high-quality links to rank higher in the search results.

In summary, choosing a good SEO enables your website to have high-quality content. And your website is optimized to have 5 well-developed attributes that a search engine Algorithm needs to arrange the websites’ rankings.

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