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Aug 21
PRINCE2 training

PRINCE2 Training in Sydney

PRINCE2 qualifications overview

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology practiced globally. The framework of PRINCE2 covers organization, control and management of a project.

A qualification in PRINCE2 will give the candidate an understanding of how projects are managed and controlled. The individual taking the PRINCE2 certification may be looking for a career change or a professional development as the PRINCE2 framework knowledge became a prerequisite in many organizations in recent years.

There are two levels of PRINCE2 qualification available, for supporting roles such as administration, technical or marketing, the Foundation level may suffice. If the candidate aiming to be leading projects than a Practitioner level certification should be the objective.

PRINCE2 training

Just like with ITIL’s foundation and practitioner levels certification, it is not mandatory to take PRINCE2 with a training center as both are available as self-study by taking the examination directly from Axelos examination institute online without attending an accredited training classroom.

Self-training for the PRINCE2 using only the manual can create misunderstandings, as the method consists of multiple layers upon the different intergraded elements. Therefore, the extra time spent on self-study could be better spent taking a course. Moreover, it is officially confirmed by Axelos that the latest edition of both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner level exams are harder than in earlier editions.

In New South Wales there are 17 Axelos authorized PRINCE2 training centers, where training courses are in line with Axelos requirements for the course material and the examinations facilities. The Axelos website provides a search for authorized training facilities around the world. The search can be modified by adding filters to the desired course, level and training or consulting center.

After guaranteeing the specific certification is indeed taught at the desired training center, the format of the course and exam need to be investigated and researched, to determine if the certification is right for the background and skills of the candidate.

The PRINCE2 certifications might be exploited to gain more impact if combined with one or more supporting certificates. This instance requires the candidate to know where he or she would like to aim to as their goal and reason for taking the training. A good example of the later is Logitrain’s job packages, offering a candidate a wholesome solution with different certification combined to achieve the knowledge and understanding required for the candidate’s objective.

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