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PC Support Tools and Applications

PC Support Tools and Applications

Because of the boom in technology, PCs are becoming a widely used and important part of the workplace. With the large number of PCs in use and the wide number of tasks users need the PCs for, there are many ways a PC can stop working. PCs are required to have functioning hardware, functioning software and have a working network connection. With all these intricate components, it is easy for one error to render a PC inoperable. An inoperable PC is a detriment to a user or an organisation as work cannot be done. PC support technicians can be called upon to help fix these problems and bring the PC up and running again.

Using various PC support tools and applications, a PC support technician can diagnose and repair problems with user PCs remotely. PC support tools are tools that enable the PC support technician to use customer support, collaboration systems and service management software to help the customer. There are many applications that meet these guidelines and enable a PC support technician such as, Solarwinds Service Desk, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud.

The most basic function of a PC support application is to act as a ticketing system. A ticketing system manages and logs requests for help from customers. A ticketing system gives technicians a clear overview of what the problem is, who reported the problem and the priority of the problem. A good ticketing system ensures that important and urgent problems are resolved while ensuring less urgent problems do not cause a bottleneck.

Another function a PC support application can have is to act as a platform for all other communication platforms with customers can converge on. a converged communication platform redirects any requests for help from social media, phone calls, emails or online chat to a single portal so that PC support technicians can access all customers easily. The communication platform can be linked to the ticketing system so that incoming customer requests will automatically create a ticket for PC support technicians to respond to.

To assist technicians in responding to customer requests, a PC support application may also have a knowledge base to help with troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. A knowledgebase stores all known problems, workarounds and solutions so that technicians will know the correct response to similar situations in the future. The knowledgebase acts as a repository for these solutions and provides technicians with an easy way to sort and search through all available solutions.

Finally, a PC support application can also streamline and document PC support processes by being able to automate certain tasks for technicians and logging actions taken. Automation involves setting up sequenced workflows that can replace mundane tasks a technician would normally have to complete manually. For example, sending emails with instructions or requesting a survey after completing a ticket. Logging and archiving is also important so that technicians can have statistics to show their superiors to assess their performance.

There are many different PC support tools that can be used by PC support technicians to help them help customers. However, the main functions of many applications are the same and meet the requirements needed to diagnose and repair customer PCs. Having a basic understanding of how these applications work and their function is only a first step for PC support technicians to fulfil their duties.

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