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OSPF – Basic Setup Process


OSPF (Open shortest Path First) is an interior gateway routing protocol(IGP). The OSPF routers compute the shortest path through the network between themselves and a network destination or remote router using a mathematical algorithm called as Djikstra’s algorithm.

To start with, the OSPF uses a HELLO mechanism to detect neighboring devices that run OSPF. When the neighboring devices respond to the HELLO messages, they form adjacency and use LSA (Link State Advertisements) to exchange routing information.

To configure basic OSPF to form a neighbor adjacency on a Cisco router perform the following:

  1. Identify the network interfaces that should run OSPF.
  2. Identify the OSPF area
  3. Issue the required commands to enable OSPF

Summary of the steps for enabling OSPF:

  1. enable #enables privilege exec mode
  2. configure terminal #enables global configuration mode
  3. router ospf process-id                                 #enables OSPF routing and enters routing configuration mode
  4. network ip-address wildcard-maskarea area-id         #defines on which interface the OSPF runs and the area id
  5. end

Summary of the steps for Configuring OSPF Interface parameters:

  1. enable
  2. configure terminal
  3. interface type number                 #enters interface configuration mode and define interface type
  4. ip ospf cost                                                  #explicitly specify cost
  5. ip ospf retransmit-interval seconds                                 #defines the time of LSA retransmission between neighbours
  6. ip ospf transmit-delay seconds                 #defines the time required to send a LSA update packet
  7. ip ospf priority number-value                 #setup the priority for defining the designated router
  8. ip ospf hello-interval seconds                 #specifies the time the OSPF router sends out of its interface
  9. ip ospf dead-interval seconds                 #defines the time the OSPF router waits before confirming that the neighbor routing device is unavailable
  10. ip ospf authentication-key key                 #assigns password to be used by neighbouring OSPF routers for authentication
  11. ip ospf message-digest-key key-idmd5 key                   #enables MD5 authentication, the key and key-id values must match that of the neighbours
  12. ip ospf authentication [message-digest | null] #defines authentication type of the interface
  13. end

Summary of the steps for Configuring OSPF Area parameters:

  1. enable
  2. configure terminal
  3. router ospf process-id #enters router configuration mode and enable ospf routing
  4. area area-idauthentication                 #authenticates the OSPF area
  5. area area-idstub [no summary]        #defines area as stub area
  6. area area-iddefault-cost cost             #defines the cost for default summary route
  7. end

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