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Office365 And It’s Benefits

Office365 And It's Benefits

Over past 20 years Microsoft office helping us to get the job done. The latest office 365 brings more and reliable applications to get the job done fast and easy. And it provides one terabyte of online storage that makes it easier to store all your files at one location and available anytime anywhere. Wherever you are or whenever you want to, you can get your work done with 365. If you are already using MS Office, let’s see why you need office365.

New apps

The traditional office package came as software you installed on each user’s computer. It included core office apps like word, excel, PowerPoint, and outlook. Office 365 goes beyond those core applications and adds skype for business, OneDrive for business, Microsoft teams, yammer, and SharePoint. It also includes additional services such as, Power BI, Stream, Planner, Delve, Sway, Flow and Forms. All these additional tools make office 365 more powerful than the old version of Microsoft Office.


Office 365 can be installed locally as it has traditionally but you can run online versions of all the office applications as well. Each user is given access to Office.com using their active directory credentials. From this interface you can access all office features like contacts, mail, your calendar or create and edit documents online with word, excel, PowerPoint, and other apps. The online capability keeps you ready to go at any time anywhere.


You get 15 license per user. Each user has up to five phone, five tablet, and five PC or MAC installs available. This is intentional to allow access to office applications anytime, anywhere. With one valid enterprise license, you can install office 365 at home, at work, and on your personal mobile devices. The user of your IT admin team can manage these installs and when a license is removed the applications are deactivated on those devices as well. If you want install office on your home computer as an example, you just login to the portal from your home computer. Once you are there you can click the install office apps and select office 2016 from the list. This will run an installation file and it will load all of the office apps on your home computer so that you can access the shared contents and files from your work. To install on a mobile device, choose other install options and select phone and tablet from the menu.

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