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Mar 16
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Why You Need Professional Counselling Before Starting Your Career

In a world where job saturation is the new norm, candidates who have recently been graduated and are actively seeking for employment opportunities may not be able to secure a job as quickly as they thought they would. There is an underlying reason to this and this doesn’t have anything to do with the capabilities and potential of any candidate. In addition to a degree or a diploma, modern day companies are looking for something extra such as training courses, certifications, or additional technical skills such as command on Microsoft Office tools to perform day to day tasks. For this reason, as important as getting a graduation degree or diploma is, it cannot and doesn’t guarantee in most of the cases that you will get a job instantly. In addition to equipping themselves with training courses and certifications, candidates also need to have an excellent personality and exceptional communication skills to assure the interviewing panel that they are the right people for the job.

A candidate who has started applying for jobs or someone who is making a transition from one career to another, needs to have proper counselling from some professional as to what are the requirements of the current job market. Only then the candidate can equip himself with the required set of tools to make him the most suitable applicant for a particular job. This counselling can either come from someone who has been in the field for far too long or any skilled organization having the required skills and expertise to guide a candidate through the whole procedure. Once a candidate is properly coached as to what is required by the selection committee of any company, he can then look for ways he can acquire those additional skills to successfully secure job in the minimum timeframe.

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With an aim to equip candidates looking for a job with the required set of tools, Logitrain has been giving professional counselling, offering certification courses, and providing in-house training to thousands of aspirants all over Australia since 2004. We have designed our training courses in a such a way that each and every one of our client can secure a position for himself in the tough Australian job market. Our skilled staff assesses the current situation of a candidate, suggest him what training courses & certifications he should go for, and provide personality grooming and interview counselling to ensure you are confident of getting the job the moment you apply for it. In addition to all this, we offer both in-house counselling and virtual training courses so you can choose one that suits your needs best. You can contact Logitrain to take care of your future for you today!

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