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Jul 26
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My PTE Experience

Today, one of the stumbling blocks in getting a student visa or immigration for many is the English Language test.

The PTE journey for me was not difficult but let me say it was also not easy, my very first English test was IELTS and I had a liking for the format too. However, most people advised me to go for PTE exam as computer-based exam and due to the notion that a computer is checking the results and not a human, I choose ‘PTE’ over ‘IELTS’. The next step was preparation for the exam and I felt preparation was quite tricky as it is totally different from IELTS.

After a couple of weeks, I got to know more the four modules of PTE which are same as IELTS and are speaking, reading, listening and writing. After studying hard for the four modules I did many online practise tests and I was confident to attempt the exam.

My next step was to book a PTE Academic exam, the requirement is to book the exam through the website pearsonvue.com unfortunately I found the PTE Exam dates in Melbourne were not available throughout the month. This is a frustrating exercise which many PTE test takers in Australia go through. I wish there were either more test centers or test centers with more capacity. I also got to know many people have made it a business to provide earlier PTE Exam dates at additional cost which varies from $50 – $70. One website I found offered a voucher which was saving of 10%, I booked the exam with a voucher. Before my PTE exam, I went through all the mock tests which I had purchased for the preparation for the exam.

Now moving forward to the exam, I was quite nervous on the PTE exam day, so when I reached exam centre there was silence. There were 25 candidates who were taking the exam along with me. When it was my turn the test administrator called me for verification of my documents. After that they introduce me to candidate’s rules and agreements. It was a panic moment for me as I entered the exam hall. Test administrator explained the procedure of the PTE exam which included policy and procedures.

There were 25 computers in the examination hall and wooden partition between the monitors. Every computer had a 19’’inch monitor along with high tech microphone to record the answers of the candidates, finally I must mention there was a pin drop silence in the exam room.

After everyone settled down and the exam began with the personal introduction and after rest of modules. After completing the exam, I collected my personal belongings and they informed us about the score report of the PTE exam which would be available within five business days. I did find it to be a faster process as compared to IELTS exam as I got my result after 2 days. The result was far higher than my expectation and I was very happy with my PTE results. I feel it was a great decision to attempt the PTE exam.


This article has been specially written by a Logitrain PTE student to help others get a thorough idea of what to expect in the PTE exam, who has got great results.

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