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My Opinion About Logitrain BA Guarantee Program

My opinion about Logitrain BA guarantee Program

Getting job in Australian market is very difficult. If you are an BA professional, looking for a job and newly arrived you lack local experience. If you are changing the career, then again you are new to the industry without any exposure. The BA guarantee program is organised in such a way that it caters these demands.  For these kinds of situations this BA guarantee program will give confidence, self-motivation in getting their dream job.

Logitrain BA guarantee Program has three categories.

BAguarantee1: This is for the duration of 1-month full time and there is no internship. With certification exams. Mock tests, practice questions, Interview preparation, career counselling, Professional resume, cover letter are provided. The certifications provided in this category are

ITIL Foundation, Business Analysis foundation, Agile Foundation. These certification exams will prepare anyone with the Business Analysis knowledge, Agile foundation certification gives knowledge of Agile. Most of the industries now shifting towards Agile. This is for someone who is looking to get the feeling of what is Business Analysis is and to know what kind of situations one would be working in.

BAguarantee2: This category is for full time 2 months. This is for people who wants to move in to BA career. The course offers Certifications in ITIL foundation, Business Analysis Foundation, Agile Foundation, Prince2 Foundation, Requirement Engineering. These topics are most relevant to the industry. The focus is to get the knowledge on these subjects and then to get the skills they have the internship for 2 months. Which helps one to gain the confidence. The package is also helps in the resume and cover letter ready, Career Counselling, Interview preparation. This will help anyone to understand the present need and how to look for a job. This package also provides the Referees. The references are the most important, which gives the employer the confidence about the candidate. With this one can be fully prepared and start looking for a job with confidence.

BAguarantee3: This category is for full 3 months. This is perfect for people who needs further help in job placement. People who are not familiar about how to search for a job, how to handle the market needs, how to target the demands. This course includes Guarantee Business Analysis job. Courses include ITIL Foundation, Business Analysis Foundation, Agile Foundation, Prince2 foundation, Requirement Engineering, Prince 2 practitioner. The additional Prince2 practitioner course shows the commitment of the candidate towards pursuing the Project management skills.

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