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Aug 26
Microsoft certification paths

Microsoft Certification Paths

A simple Microsoft Certification path for the role-based certifications from Microsoft includes the Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert certifications. Initially its very difficult to navigating the Microsoft Certification landscape and decide on which certification path to follow, and which exams to take. Microsoft certifications are highly regarded certifications in the IT industry because Microsoft certification, and the Microsoft Azure related certifications are among those at the forefront of the leading edge of technology. There can be multiple reasons to pursue a technical Microsoft certification . A certification paths to choose depends entirely on our expertise and background. Certification in Microsoft technologies provides one with high growth opportunity, higher productivity, certification stats and opportunity to become a leader.

Microsoft has organized four major job role categories to define the role-based certifications. These job roles combine a broad set of job skills and duties into a specific role grouping namely Developers, Administrators, Solutions Architect and Functional Consultant. The Developer role defines software developers using Microsoft technologies to design, build, test, and maintain solutions.It consists the certification Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. The Administrator role defines Administrators who implement, monitor, and maintain solutions using Microsoft technologies.It consists the certification Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure administration.The Solutions Architect role defines the experience using Microsoft Azure technologies to design solutions that meet the needs of the business. It consists the certification Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. And fourthly, the Functional Consultant role  defines consultants who can anticipate and plan for customer needs while leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet those needs.It consists the certifications that are categorized and focused around different consulting roles including Marketing, Field Service, Customer Service and Sales.

Microsoft Certification Paths / Expertise Levels

Microsoft  job-role focused certifications are structured into 3 expertise levels; firstly, the Fundamental level, secondly, the Associate, and finally at the top is the Expert level. These different levels of Microsoft Certifications are meant to divide candidates by any point in their career ladder. It may be a entry-level, just getting started or looking to change the career, or a more experienced and possibly seasoned professional. There are Microsoft certifications that will fit our career path. The certification path is clearer with less “elective exams” to choose from that might be confusing to navigate. Simply earn the desired role-based certification by passing the required exams.  Move to the next level by passing one or more additional exams.  And build the way up to a Microsoft Certified Expert.

– The Fundamental certification is targeted to those who are just starting out with the technologies covered, having 0 to 2 years of experience, or looking to change the existing career.The 3 Fundamental level certifications available for these candidates  include, Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals. The candidates do not require any prerequisite to earn the Associate or Expert certifications.

– The Associate certification is targeted to professionals working in IT and  already having 2 or more years of experience working with the technologies covered. It is  the largest of the Microsoft certification levels.

– The Expert certification is targeted to professionals with advanced levels of experience and skills in the technologies covered. These professionals have two to five or more years of experience in the related field. However, many Expert certifications require a specific Associate level certification as a prerequisite.

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