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Nov 23
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IT managed services and in house IT management

While technology has become an integral part of every organisation, in which ever field they are working on, it has become inevitable to manage them effectively. Any issues and faults could result in major business loss. Considering this aspect, previously most of the companies had employed in-house IT management services, as you can have someone to call up immediately and fix your problem. Few other organisations prefer to have IT managed services that they can rely on while they concentrate on improving the business.  Let’s see few advantages of using IT managed services:

  1. Support provided 24/7: Most of the IT managed services have a 24/7 support which is very useful for businesses. You can reach to them at any point of time and thus ensure reliability. They have a proper infrastructure and use tried and tested methods. With technology improvements remote assistance can also be provided.
  2. The third party services do have the latest tools and software and processes for monitoring the applications. In internal management services we need to ensure that the latest technologies are updated regularly and the technician needs to be trained of the new changes.
  3. Experience: Since they deal with a lot of other clients, they are aware of the different issues that can occur and how to tackle them. Knowledge in different areas of expertise is an added advantage.
  4. Cost effective: Most of the time the applications and software work fine and only in case of issues, it needs to be worked upon. While, third party services can be used for a small amount, the same service when managed internally can cost a lot of money.
  5. Easy to adapt: While many state that adapting to a new managed services is difficult, if we look at the overall cost savings that can be achieved, the initial training process is not so difficult.
  6. Data safety: There has been an increasing amount of concerns for the data that is being shared with the third party and acts as one of major obstacles for people to move to the managed services. While there are many ways of data encryption available, security should not be a concern. Also, risk of data theft is present everywhere and is an issue with both internal as well as external services.


Some people have the view that if there is an issue, it would be addressed immediately if we have an in-house IT managed services. But it is not true. The technician might not be aware of that particular issue and an expert might be required from outside to solve the problem or there could be scenarios where he might be held up with other issues and not address our problem immediately.

Overall maintaining the in-house services would not be cost effective as we need to provide them with high end equipments, good salary and also train them with latest technologies and keep them up to date. For them to provide a 24/7 support, we need to employ more people of the same expertise which is again a costly affair. Moreover the issues occur very rarely.

Considering all the above options, IT managed services seem to be the best choice for the IT sector where the management of the services is done by the third party and the business owner can concentrate on other aspects of growing his business. Precautions need to be taken while choosing the right providers for managing the services and see to it that adhere to all compliance and make sure of the data encryption that needs to be done. Choosing the right partner to work with will ensure cost effectiveness and reliability of services.


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