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Logitrain Job Guarantee Courses

Logitrain Job Guarantee Courses

Logitrain provides various job guarantee courses in the IT industry. The job guarantee program includes helping in Writing impressive cover letters, creating successful resumes, Techniques for applying for jobs, Making an impression at the interview, Preparation for Technical interview, Behavioural interview, career counselling, and official certification exams.


Business Analysis Job program: This is for one who wants to kick start career in Australia. For a fresh graduate struggling to find a job, Recent migrants finding it hard to get a job. This is for an individual person looking for the opportunity in the Business Analyst field. The program provides various certifications to complete. The roles are provided after completing the program. They have 3 types of programs, BAguarantee1, BAguarantee2, BAguarantee3 programs. Which are of full time as well as part-time, varies from one month to 3 months and part-time from 3 to 6 months. They provide Training first, then career counselling, Internship, and then Job.


Cloud computing job:

They provide leading certifications including ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and Amazon Web server. This will help in knowing the current technologies. They also provide work experience and job preparation which assures a job. There are 3 types of programs. CCguarantee1, CCguarantee2, CCguarantee3. Ranging from 1 month to 3 months full time and 3 to 6 months part-time. They provide training, career counseling, and Internship and Job placement.


Web Development job:

If you are looking for a developer job or a programmer job this is best for you. This course is for someone who wants to have a new career or a migrant. Offers various certification courses in HTML, CSS, C#, Java SQL, .NET. This program offers you the option for internships or joining their own internship program. There are again offers 3 types of programs. Ranging from 1 month to 3 months for full time and 3 to 6 months of part-time. The levels are Training then Career counseling and then Internship and Job placement.

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