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Logitrain and BA Career

Logitrain and BA Career

Logitrain explains in order to get a Business Analyst job one need

  1. Have Technical skills and practical knowledge.
  2. Industry certification which are relevant and in demand.
  3. Have someone who is expert in Career counselling to direct what need to do
  4. Local work experience


Logitrain guarantee the Business Analyst job and with peace of mind. They have designed programmes with high quality and keeping in mind of the cost. The program is for individuals who are interested in Business Analyst field, new migrant who have not worked in Australia, anyone who have not worked at Australia means one who is looking for a local experience.


They have 3 varieties of program, BAguarantee1, BAguarantee2, BAguarantee3. All these programs provide help and coaching about the certification exams. Sitting for exam. They have their own centre to write the exams. Includes Interview preparation, Career counselling, help to prepare professional resume with covering letter. There are some specific features added to them as follows:

BAguarantee1: which is one month fulltime or 3.5 months part time. No internship provided and no job assistance program.

BAguarantee2: which is 2 months full time or 5 months part time. This program provides extra features like providing Reference documentation, Internship program and one extra certification.


BAguarantee3: which is 3 months full time or 6 months part time. This program provides extra features like placing you in to a job.


Logitrain have placed several people in to the job placement market by training them. Which is the most important aspect of this career.

They have expert trainers who are experience in the real world teaching the courses. The courses    have small sized class, every class is instructor lead live. Exams are taken at the premises.

They have selected the courses which are in demand in the market and that makes the career progress. Such as BA Fundamentals, Agail Fundamentals, PRINCE 2, Requirement engineering. These courses lead to the knowledge relevant to the subject matter.

Career counseling is another way one can get a help in understanding how and where to adjust with the present demand. To filling the gap between the need and the present situation.

List of Business Analysis Courses

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