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Local Australian Experience in Finding a Job

local Australian experience in finding a job

Overview: This document will outline the importance of local Australian experience in finding a job.

One of the biggest challenges to get shortlisted by recruiters is to have Australian experience (local experience in Australia).

So what does Local experience in Australia show?

*You got experience in Australian workplace culture

*You are aware of specific processes and procedures unique to Australia

*You have the right work visa

*You possess the right communication skills

Although Local experience in Australia is particularly important in industries such as Accounting, Engineering (Australian codes), Law and Medicine, based on my personal experience, it does apply to IT as well.

Distorted Reality

It’s unfortunate and as well unfair as it does not show the real fact of your profile, skillsets and what you are capable of. e.g. if you’ve worked as IT Project lead for 6+ years overseas, or even have over 10 years’ experience overseas in a different industry, you could still struggle landing a job in Australia.

But why this narrow minded attitude? What is the concern of the employers?

Most Employers have concerns about overseas candidates getting used to the Australian work culture, communication skills and validating overseas experience as it’s comparatively difficult to validate them compared to local experience.

But from where does it stem from?

Maybe, it could be from their previous experience with overseas candidates at work places? Not sure but this is the ground reality, at least for now.

So employers will turn away from you if:

-You have poor verbal communication skills

-You can’t write well (poor resume, cover letter & linkedin profile)

-You have no Permanent Resident visa or lack an explanation as to when you’re getting it

-You do not understand the Australian workplace etiquette/local culture

How to handle this situation?

Let’s look into what is within our immediate control.

Resume, Cover letter, LinkedIn profile.

A well prepared job application, which includes a tailored resume & cover letter, sharp LinkedIn profile are crucial.

How to improve communication?

You can find below few resources (blogs) using ‘google search’ which can help you with respect to Australian workplace culture and language:

-Telephone Interviews: How to Succeed

-Australian Interview Etiquette

Tips to overcome no local experience in Australia

There are few ways to handle this.

– Networking: You can start building an Employer List by searching LinkedIn or job sites, such as SEEK/Jora/indeed, to find potential hiring managers and getting in touch with them regarding internships or job roles.

– You can get in touch with organizations such as Logitrain, ACESIS who can assist with a suitable training/ plan suiting your profile along with internship opportunities to gain local experience. One of the most effective ways to overcome the ‘no local experience’ concern is to undertake a paid (or unpaid) internship which in many cases result in a Full time job.

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