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Feb 11
Career in Network Engineering

How to Kickstart Your Career in Network Engineering

According to the Job Outlook website – joboutlook.gov.au, unemployment in the networking sector is below average in Australia. This predicts strong future growth for network engineering and network design jobs. While there is a demand for network engineers, it is important to continue up-skilling and do further study and training to keep skills relevant.

Join Logitrain certification courses to upgrade your skills and technical abilities. Reasons for getting IT certified:

  • IT certifications are a great way to demonstrate and verify the knowledge and qualifications
  • IT certifications confirm that you are proficient in skills and updated with the technology
  • IT certification courses offer you a direct pathway to your career
  • IT certifications are a great way to set you apart from other candidates and increase your chance of employability


Read below to know more about popular Networking certification courses:

CompTIA Network Training:

This certification course is designed for networking professionals in early to mid-level positions. It ensures that the candidate has efficient knowledge about network tools and technologies, network management and network security. This certification course prepares you to support the network regardless of the platform.

ITIL Training Course:

This certification course discusses the concepts, methodologies and best practices of IT service management. It paints a holistic end-to-end picture that integrates frameworks such as Lean IT, Agile and DevOps. Candidates with this certification course provide practical and flexible support to organisations on their journey towards digital transformation.

CCNA Course:

With a CCNA certification, a candidate demonstrates the skills required to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot networks.

MTA Windows Server Administration Course:

This certification course is intended for the candidates with basic knowledge of server technologies. It provides candidates with fundamental knowledge of server and server administration concepts and acts as a stepping stone for other Microsoft certifications.


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If you have the required skills and Certificates, we guarantee to get you a Networking job, through our Networking Job Program.

We offer tailored job programs which suit your needs, and it commences every week. This program offers in-demand skills, local work experience and career counselling.

After the Networking Job program, the job roles may include but are not limited to getting you a Helpdesk Operator, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Technical Support Engineer, First-Level Network Support, Field Engineer, LAN/WAN related jobs and other related jobs.


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