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Key Features of The Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012

One of the constants of technology and the IT trade is that information storage demands, and needs are increasing exponentially. From flight email inboxes to file shares overflowing with documents, about each enterprise features a want for a lot of economical.

  1. How It works:

Say you have got an oversized variety of VHD (virtual arduous disk) files that you just ought to move. every of these VHDs features a heap of duplicate (yet identical) files and applications, like ship, Windows calculator, and different accent applications. information deduplication removes all the copies of these applications from those VHDs however one. It then records the redundant information in an exceedingly separate location in System Volume data (SVI) and points to the files that is the supply example.

  1. GUI-less install choices

There are many times after you solely need to put in solely absolutely the smallest files and assets you wish to run Windows Server, and Windows Server 2012 currently includes a default installation choice to install the GUI-less server core.

  1. Hyper-V 3.0

Windows Server 2012 is loaded with new options, however maybe the feature that has more set up the foremost radical improvement is that the Hyper-V virtualization feature set. uninterested in enjoying catch-up to VMware on the feature front, Microsoft has loaded Hyper-V with a powerful list of enhancements. several the highlights embrace support for up to sixty-four processors and 1TB of RAM per virtual machine, also as support for up to 320 logical hardware processors and 4TB of RAM per host.

  1. information processing Address Management (IPAM)

One of the most important headaches for several IT professionals is keeping tabs on information processing addresses used on their company networks. in an exceedingly bid to finish the time-honoured see of storing information processing addresses in standout spreadsheets, information processing AM may be a new feature in Windows Server 2012 that has a replacement internal framework for finding and managing IP address areas on networks.

  1. Network virtualization changes

One of a lot of problematic aspects of virtual machine management and provision is handling the principles and limitations of information processing address management. Microsoft is creating a raft of enhancements to network virtualization in Windows Server 2012, all aimed toward endeavour issues associated with information processing addresses and virtual machines.

  1. Reefs

The venerable NTFS filing system format has been used for over a decade by Microsoft. Recent demands from virtualization and personal cloud computing have pushed NTFS as way because it may go, therefore Microsoft set to feature new options and revamp existing ones to NTFS. The result’s Associate in Nursing upgrade to NTFS dubbed Re-FS for resilient filing system.

  1. Shared nothing live migration

One of a lot of spectacular new options of Hyper-V three.0 is shared nothing live migration, which allows you to maneuverer VMs from one machine to a different while not the need of getting shared storage before creating the transfer. This feature is often a boon for smaller IT departments, and it makes it simple to maneuverer VMs around while not high-ticket share storage.

  1. Storage pools and areas

Most IT departments ought to influence a dizzying assortment of storage hardware and medium sorts, from leading-edge SSD drives and spinning disks to removable drives and inheritance magnetic reel tape. creating effective use of all those disparate storage formats will generally be a Herculean task, particularly after you give the ever-increasing storage demands that today’s workplaces place thereon departments. Microsoft is hoping to help admins address that by introducing Storage Pools and areas, 2 storage abstractions ideas being introduced in Windows Server 2012.

  1. PowerShell three.

PowerShell has been steady gaining in quality over the earlier few years, and Microsoft force out all the stops for PowerShell support in Windows Server 2012. over 2000 PowerShell cmdlets are currently enclosed, and the new increased stable of commands allows IT professionals to change and management a lot of aspects of their Windows Server 2012 atmosphere through the PowerShell program line that ever before.

  1. CHKDSK changes

Everyone reading this is often most likely already intimately at home with the ever present CHKDSK application, which has been in use in many forms since disk operating system one.0. We’ve all stepped out for a cup of low once the dire CHKDSK disk scan kicks off on a server or shopper equipped with massive disk storage.

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