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Job Roles in Desktop Support

For those who would like to start their career in IT, desktop support jobs are a good starting point. With the number of industries relying on IT technologies, it requires having a team to support any issues encountered in software and hardware as the first level of support. In this article, we will discuss some of the desktop support jobs mostly concentrating on the entry-level for the candidates who are awaiting their careers in IT.

Computer technician – This job role is for the candidates who are skilled in understanding how the computer is built to diagnose and fix any hardware issues. This set of people are required for every organisation and work independently in a business or a company. This job offers a pay of $45,000 – $49,000 as a salary per annum.

Desktop Support Technician – In this job role one should have knowledge on configuring, testing, and troubleshooting network and wireless issues, formatting either laptop or desktop, setting any user accounts. They work with the users directly in person to fix up the issue or remotely connect to restore the computer back to working condition. This job offers a pay of $45,000 – $49,000 as a salary per annum.

Help desk Technician – These are the people who will have knowledge on the issues and routing to the concerned IT team to fix them. This is a kind of entry-level job for the candidates who just completed their Graduation. This job offers a pay of $50,000 per annum

IT Support Analyst – To pursue a job in this role one should have strong analytical skills and an understanding of hardware, software, applications, and systems. They are the go-to team for a company when the employees are not happy with the way the system is working. This job offers a pay of around $60,000 per annum.

IT Support Specialist – Candidates working in this role should have knowledge on setting up, installing, troubleshooting technology and software. These people will closely work with the customers to offer training on solutions and troubleshooting methods. As an additional feature, these candidates should have strong communication skills. This job offers a pay of around $56,000 per annum

Systems Administrator – Candidates working on this role should have a good understanding and knowledge of networks and computers and then implementing them. They are mainly responsible for creating and maintaining computer systems and networks in a company.

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