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Best ITIL Study Tips

ITIL Study Tips

Overview: This document will share some of the best ITIL resources and tips to study and prepare for ITIL exams.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of detailed practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business. ITIL is a practical framework that is used across all kinds of industries by organizations as diverse as NASA and Spotify.

ITIL is the basic foundation about service management and shares the best practices to be followed for service improvement. Although there are different requisites for different people taking this exam, the common objective is to pass the exam and apply the knowledge in their respective work environments.

Study Tips

  1. Link the concepts to your own experience & not memorize (except a few concepts)

As mentioned earlier, ITIL training is a practical framework that is used across all kinds of industries by organizations as diverse as NASA, Spotify & Mars. As you go through the training material, reflect on your own experience and see if you can relate to how the ideas outlined in the course can be applied. This will help you understanding the concept better, handle scenario based questions, pass the exam and apply your knowledge once the course has finished.

Though few concepts & terminologies should be memorized for the exam, you cannot get through the exam successfully without understanding the underlying concepts.

Getting to discuss the concepts with the trainer will help clarify and assist in understanding how they are used in real work situations. If you are doing a self-study, online resources can assist, such as you tube.

  1. Refer to the syllabus

The training organization will provide you with the ITIL 4 Foundation syllabus. This gives you an overview on how the material is examined and how it is covered in the exam, e.g. the percentage of questions that might come up in the exam from a specific topic. It’s a great idea to keep this to hand during the training to refer to and help you understand how to focus your study preparation.

  1. Keep your Foundation manual by your side

The manual will provide all the relevant information and will help you with your preparation. Beyond helping you prepare for your exam, the manual can be used as an reference as you continue to use ITIL 4 in your professional areas.

  1. Memorize the Keywords

To pass the test, you need to get the keywords right, which usually would be shared by the trainer during the training sessions. Keywords are terms used in ITIL, For example, customer value is linked to a service strategy module. Similarly, maintenance is linked to continual service improvement & Fit for purpose related to utility.

  1. Taking Notes

Taking notes during the training/ study sessions would help us to get familiarized with the concepts and terminologies. Notes taking also assist to remember better.

  1. Mocks Tests

One of the most important things before taking up the exam is it to know the type of questions that would be asked in the examination. Taking up mock tests will help you in understanding the way exam is designed and also improve your confidence in taking up the examination.

On top of the mock tests that might be provided by your training organization, you can also refer to paid learning resources like udemy for checking out relevant mock tests.

  1. Take your Time

While taking your exam, take your time to understand the question and answer them as the questions can be a little tricky. There is a feature to review your questions at the end and hence after completing all the questions, if time permits, go through the questions and modify any answers, if required.


Following the above tips, including trying to give the exam as soon as you complete your training (while your memory is fresh) would certainly help you with your exams.

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