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Apr 13
Interview Preparation

Interview Checklist

Are you getting ready for your first job interview? Sure, you may be nervous and want to do everything right. The better you prepare, the easier the interview will be for you.

A checklist for the interview gives you an overview of what you should think about before, during the interview and after the interview.


The pre-checklist for the interview

  1. Be punctual! Clarify the arrival in good time and organise an overnight stay, if necessary.
  2. Take a notepad, a working pen and the application documents with you.
  3. Prepare a short self-presentation. It should only take a few minutes; it should relate to you, your qualifications, your career or resume and the desired job.
  4. Most interviews follow a specific pattern: Therefore, practice answers to standard questions from HR managers, such as questions about strengths and weaknesses or your motivation for the job with friends or family.
  5. Pay attention to your outfit. It should be comfortable, clean, neat, and fit the style of the company. Please note hairstyle, fingernails and shoes also count!
  6. Perform research on important data and facts about the company. For example, the number of employees, sales, products, managing directors, current press reports etc.


If you are looking for an IT job in Australia, you will need to have the right visa status, effective communication skills along with the following:

  1. Skills, knowledge and IT certifications

    – gives the prospective employer the confidence you have current, relevant, verified skills.

  1. Relevant Australian work experience

   – gives the prospective employer the assurance you understand and have experienced the work culture.

  1. Career counselling

   – your tailored resume and cover letter start getting you shortlisted. Our proven techniques help you in dealing effectively with telephonic, group, technical and behavioural interviews.


The conversation checklist

  1. Follow the conversation with full attention.
  2. Pay attention to your body language: stand up straight and sit straight.
  3. Keep eye contact with the HR managers.
  4. Always remain polite, and speak slowly and clearly.
  5. Take notes during the conversation and write down possible questions.
  6. Answer standard questions individually: Use your answers to relate to yourself and the job.
  7. Answer questions of stress calmly and factually.
  8. Actively deal with weaknesses in your resume. Explain why these gaps arose and what you learned from that time.
  9. Ask your questions about the job, the company and its development.


The after checklist

Analyse the conversation and consider which questions you want to answer differently for the next conversation.

Don’t be impatient. Only ask the company about the current status of the selection process after the deadline by when the company may contact you.


The interview preparation checklist should be used in conjunction with the job application and the job role you have applied. Our comprehensive interview coaching sessions can help you tremendously in your next job interview.


In the event of the interview cancellation

  1. Don’t take the cancellation personally. There are often many applicants for a job. A bit of luck is always required 😊.
  2. Ask the reasons for the cancellation.
  3. Look at the rejection as experience and learn from possible mistakes.


Along with good interview preparation, you would need current skills and knowledge to help you over the line.


Hope it helps, good luck with your job hunt.

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